Employment and Volunteer Options

Work on campus

You may work on campus if you are enrolled (studying) full time at SFU in the term you wish to work and hold a valid study permit that includes a condition indicating you may work on campus.  A work permit is not required. 

Please refer to our enrollment requirements for international students to see how SFU defines full-time enrollment.

“On campus” is defined by IRCC as employment facilities within the boundaries of the campus. SFU students are permitted to work at any of the three SFU campuses (Burnaby, Vancouver or Surrey). Your employer may be SFU (temporary assignments), a faculty member, the Student Society, yourself (e.g. private tutoring), or a private business or private contractor providing services to the institution on the campus.

Students may apply for temporary jobs advertised through SFU Human Resources; priority is given to students with the necessary ability and qualifications.

Employment opportunities on campus may be advertised through:

Employment and Volunteer Options