Student Temporary Pool

SFU’s Student Temporary Pool provides employment opportunities for active SFU students who are registered in credit courses in the semester of employment. As part of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 3338 employee group, SFU students are given priority in hiring for temporary part-time clerical, secretarial, and technical positions throughout the University.

Students working through the Student Temporary Pool play a significant role in fulfilling the temporary staffing needs at the University. Working through the Temporary Pool can provide students with opportunities to:

  • Work at the University's three campuses - Burnaby, Vancouver, and Surrey.
  • Work in a variety of environments in both administrative and academic departments.
  • Learn University policies and procedures.
  • Gain experience and exposure within the University allowing them to explore and expand career options.
  • Accrue seniority while working in CUPE bargaining unit assignments and compete as internal candidates for posted continuing and temporary vacancies. Employees can be part of the Student Temporary Pool and simultaneously apply for posted positions.


Structure of Assignments

  • Assignments through the Student Temporary Pool are part-time which means less than 35 hours per week. Students are typically expected to be available for a minimum of three, 3-hour shifts per week.
  • All assignments will have a duration of less than 3 months. Any temporary position of 3 months or longer will be posted for a minimum of 5 days on our Career Centre. Registered, qualified students also receive priority in hiring for posted temporary part-time positions.
  • Some of the work assignments may be planned well in advance of the work start date, but many of the assignments are a response to an urgent need and require students to be available on short notice.
  • Assignments through the Temporary Pool will differ in the work performed, however, typical temporary work includes
    • Cashier work
    • Customer service
    • Data entry
    • Reception
    • Desktop publishing
    • Web design
    • Technical
    • Library clerical
    • General clerical (e.g. mail-outs, filing, etc.)

Qualifications for the Student Temporary Pool

The Student Temporary Pool accepts applications from students with a variety of skills and experiences. We are committed to matching applicants’ job skills and experience to departmental needs in order to ensure the success of all departments and temporary employees. Although the qualifications for specific job assignments will vary, common qualifications include:

  • Excellent customer service skill.
  • Ability to operate an electronic cash register.
  • Software skills (e.g.: Word, Excel, Filemaker, PowerPoint, Electronic Mail, Access, Firefox/Chrome) at a basic or intermediate level.
  • Knowledge of PC and/or Macintosh platforms.
  • 35 wpm keyboard skills with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Good oral communication.
  • General knowledge of office procedures and practices.
  • Good organizational skill.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing office environments and assignment levels.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle a high volume of work within deadlines.

Additional Details

Pay and Benefits for Student Temporary Pool Employees

The rate of pay for assignments will vary depending on the duties and responsibilities of the position. Temporary assignments fall within the CUPE bargaining unit and are covered by the negotiated salary schedule.

Student Temporary Pool employees will receive an additional14% pay in lieu of benefits for all regular hours worked in a temporary position.

Remaining in the Student Temporary Pool

At the start of every semester, the Coordinator, Temporary Support Services, will send an email to all members of the Student Temporary Pool to canvas which employees would like to remain in the Student Temporary Pool for the upcoming semester and will confirm that they are still an active SFU student.

To Apply

Apply online through our Career Centre or send the posting to a friend.