Services and Resources

Our two Health Clinics are convenient and offer a wide range of services to all SFU students.

Stressed?  Anxious? Need to talk? You've come to the right place! Counselling Services.

Support is available at Health and Counselling Services following a sexual assault. You can choose to see a doctor and/or a counsellor.

An important resource for the SFU community, our Students in Distress page includes essential information on how to identify different levels of concern in someone and how to intervene and react. 

If you are going on a trip or just need a booster, check out which Vaccinations we offer.

Our Sexual Health page covers topics including STI education, women's health, and more.

A resource for the SFU community, our Critical Incidents page explains how to effectively deal with the aftermath of a critical incident, such as death of a loved one, bad accident, situation involving violence, and more. 

Use the  Wellness Wheel to determine what areas of your life are balanced and what areas need some attention, as well as resources on and off campus that can assist you in balancing your wellness. 

De-stress with our media library of FREE yoga videos and assorted meditative audiocasts.

HealthyMinds is a problem-solving tool (App) to help deal with emotions and cope with the stresses you encounter both on and off campus. The goal: Keeping your mind healthy.

Could you be addicted to the internet? Many students are and don't even know it!  Check out Internet Use: Are you caught in the Web?

Sleep: Getting Enough? is an online resource to provide you with information on getting good sleep, tips, and information on how sleep affects your health.