What to bring

Before you begin packing, make sure to review all the information provided for you on this page. Find out what you can and cannot bring with you as you move in to SFU Residence and Housing.

Bedding and Storage

  • Bed pillows and case
  • Sheet set
  • Blanket or duvet
  • Hangers


  • Adaptors (if applicable)
  • Mobile phone
  • Desk light    
  • Alarm clock
  • Device chargers

Toiletries and Bathroom

  • Towel set
  • Flip flops/shower shoes
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Soap
  • Nail clippers
  • Deodorant/antiperspirant
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste


  • Dishes, cups and utensils
  • Water bottle and travel mug
  • Dish soaps and sponges

Things you should not bring to SFU Residence and Housing


  • Electronic heaters
  • Personal modems or routers

Major Appliances  

  • Air conditioner
  • Fridge or freezer
  • Washer or dryer
  • Oven or stove


  • Firewood or firecrackers
  • Candles or incense


  • *No pets are allowed in Residence

Please note: it is the resident's responsibility to be aware of the items they are not allowed to bring to SFU Residence and Housing. Please refer to the Residence Handbook for more information.

*For students who require the aid of a service dog, the Residence Office will attempt, in consultation with the student, to make available the most suitable accommodation.