The information on this page has been reviewed by International Student Advisors on August 4th, 2023.

Travel to Canada

I am a current SFU student and planning to travel outside Canada for the break. What documents should I carry when I travel back to Canada?

If you will be leaving Canada temporarily (e.g. during the Winter Break or breaks between terms), it is important that you have the correct immigration document(s) needed for your return.  Depending on your country of citizenship(s) you may require a visa or travel authorization in addition to your valid study permit to return to Canada and continue your studies.

To return to Canada and continue studying at SFU you will need a valid:

  1. Passport or travel document
  2. Temporary resident visa/TRV (visa in your passport) or electronic travel authorization (eTA), unless exempted.
  3. Study permit

We also recommend that you carry a SFU confirmation of enrollment (COE) letter with you when travelling back to Canada. It is a good idea to ensure the documents you use for travel are as current as possible.  For example, your SFU COE letter should be for the current or upcoming term - not for a past term. 

You must have a valid study permit when you re-enter Canada to continue your studies at SFU. If you are planning travel outside Canada and you are currently under maintained status (meaning that you applied to extend your study permit before expiry and your current study permit has already expired), please visit this FAQ item and contact an International Student Advisor, Immigration Specialist if you have questions.

Please ensure that you check the visa and entry requirements for all countries you will be travelling to during your time outside Canada.