Expand your cultural and linguistic horizons with our diverse range of certificate options. Whether you're drawn to the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, the elegance of Italian humanism, the intellectual legacy of German humanism, the vibrancy of the Spanish-speaking world, or the intriguing complexities of Japanese language and society, our certificates offer a focused and enriching academic experience.

What are my Certificate Options?

Chinese Studies Certificate

•          Explore courses related to the study of China, including an introduction to the Chinese language and other related subjects.

•          For course placement inquiries, contact Billie Ng at

Italian Studies Certificate

•          Immerse yourself in the world of Italian Humanism, from the early Renaissance to modern times.

•          Concurrently complements major/minor programs in French, humanities, history, and contemporary arts.

•          Requires basic Italian language proficiency (writing, reading, and oral skills).

•          Can be completed alongside a degree program.

•          Courses count towards Majors, Minors, and Breadth requirements.

•          For course placement inquiries, contact Vlad Vintila at

 German Studies Certificate

•          Journey through the establishment and evolution of German humanism from the Reformation to modern times.

•          Complements major and minor programs in history, humanities, philosophy, and political science.

•          Requires proficiency in the German language (writing, reading, listening, and speaking).

•          Can be completed in conjunction with a degree program.

•          Courses count towards Majors, Minors, and Breadth requirements.

•          For course placement inquiries, contact Claudia Hein at

Spanish Studies Certificate

•          Delve into the language and literature of the Spanish-speaking world.

•          Offers intermediate-advanced proficiency in the Spanish language (writing, reading, listening, and speaking).

•          For course placement inquiries, contact Isabel Mayo-Harp at

Japanese Studies Certificate

•          Develop language competency and cultural understanding of the Japanese language, culture, and society.

•          Offers language courses up to the intermediate level, building a strong foundation in Japanese language and communicative competences.

•          Explore a variety of elective courses related to Japan across departments and faculties.

•          For course placement inquiries, contact Naoko Takei at

How to Declare:

To declare any of the certificates, please contact the World Languages and Literatures Advisor at or DECLARE NOW