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What are my certificate options?

There are also options for a major / joint major, minor, and honours.

No matter what option you choose, be sure to read the helpful information on our faculty's Plan your program page.

Certificate in Chinese Studies

This program offers courses related to the study of China. Students receive an introduction to Chinese language and complete other related courses. For full details, including admission and program requirements, refer to SFU's Student Services page.

Chinese certificate

Certificate in German Studies

What is the Certificate in German Studies?

The Certificate in German Studies program serves both full and part time students, and those seeking educational enrichment in areas related to the establishment and evolution of German humanism from the Reformation to modern times. The certificate may be completed concurrently with, and complements, major and minor programs in areas such as history, humanities, philosophy and political science.

The program requires basic proficiency in the German language (writing, reading, listening and speaking), and is intended for students who wish to pursue further studies in literature, history, philosophy and political science, and may be completed in conjunction with a degree program. Courses used towards the Certificate may also be used towards Majors and Minors and to meet Breadth requirements.

Those students planning to obtain a bachelor of arts within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) may complete the certificate in such a way that some of the FASS breadth requirements are fulfilled by the same courses. Courses used toward the certificate may also be used toward a major and minor.

To declare the Certificate in German Studies, please contact the advisor.