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¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Spanish Language Program at Simon Fraser University. Immerse yourself in the vibrancy and passion of the Spanish-speaking world. From the rhythmic beats of Latin music to the rich tapestry of cultures across Latin America and Spain, our courses offer an opportunity to communicate with over 460 million Spanish speakers worldwide. Whether you're captivated by the allure of tango, eager to explore the colonial charm of Mexico, or interested in global business opportunities, our courses will guide you on a journey of language, culture, and endless possibilities. Únete a nosotros. ¡Vamos!

Which Spanish language course should I take?

Students with no background in the language may enroll themselves into the relevant introductory course.

Students who have some background in Spanish should contact the course instructor for a placement interview if they are enrolling in a Spanish course for the first time.

Students who have transferred from a college or a university and took Spanish in their prior institution should take the next level course.

* We reserve the right to move students to more proficiency-appropriate courses or to unenroll students when there is no appropriate course for them.

Summer Courses 2024

SPAN 100 - Introductory Spanish I

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
SPAN 100 B100 Isabel Mayo-Harp
Location: TBA

SPAN 110 - Introductory Spanish II

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
SPAN 110 B100 Isabel Mayo-Harp
Location: TBA

SPAN 301 - Advanced Spanish Grammar and Writing

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
SPAN 301 D100 Isabel Mayo-Harp
Location: TBA

Placement interviews

Students who have taken Spanish courses in the past (high school) as well as students who have experience with the language, either because they have traveled and/ or lived in Spanish-speaking countries or because they are Spanish heritage speakers, should arrange a placement interview with Dr. Isabel Mayo-Harp ( before they register for courses.

Students who have no experience with Spanish should enroll in SPAN 100.

Students who are unsure about their level or background in Spanish for any of the Spanish courses should contact Isabel Mayo-Harp, at

Students are expected to provide true information about their language background and language learning experiences to the best of their knowledge. Concealing your knowledge of the language and/or providing false information are considered academic dishonesty and can be recorded on the your academic record. For more information, read SFU's academic integrity page.

Even more Spanish courses

Interested in knowing what other Spanish courses you can take in future semesters? See our full course offering on SFU's Student Services website.