Are you an outstanding student?

Are you an outstanding student eager to delve deeper into the world of literature?

The WLL Honours Program is designed for high-achieving students like you! You will have the opportunity to conduct concentrated research and engage in writing a thesis on a topic of your choice.

Program Highlights

• Research: The Honours program offers a unique opportunity to explore world literature in greater depth, extending beyond the coursework of the major program.

• Individualized Study: Tailor your academic journey by choosing a research topic that aligns with your passions and interests.

Considering Grad School?

Honours students looking to pursue graduate studies are encouraged to enhance their language proficiency. Completing a minimum of three units of literature in a language other than English is highly recommended. This can be achieved through a directed reading course (WL 450) or by enrolling in an upper-division course in another department at Simon Fraser University. Students may also have the option to complete an upper-division course at another university with prior approval.

Language Proficiency

At the heart of the Honours program is a commitment to language study. You will engage in twelve units of language study, which may include courses completed during study abroad programs, field schools, or equivalent programs. Embracing languages and considering study abroad experiences are encouraged to enrich your academic journey.

Program Requirements

For detailed information on the specific requirements and guidelines for the Honours program, please refer to the Program requirements page.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the Honours program or need further guidance, feel free to reach out to the World Literature advisor at or click here to make an appointment

Additional Options

In addition to the Honours program, we offer a range of other academic pathways including major, joint major, minor, and certificates. Explore the various options available to find the right fit for your academic aspirations.

Program requirements