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Focus on languages and literature

Are you passionate about delving into the rich tapestry of world literature? The Department of World Languages and Literatures at Simon Fraser University offers a range of exciting options tailored to your interests and schedule.

Major and Joint Major Options

• Major in World Literature: Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of literary works from around the world. This program encompasses novels, essays, poetry, and prose, both traditional and experimental. Dive into the cross-cultural exchange of literature, exploring its historical, cultural, and theoretical dimensions.

• Joint Major in World Literature and History: This interdisciplinary program uncovers intriguing connections between world literature and history. Tailor your program with guidance from advisors in both departments.

• Joint Major in World Literature and International Studies: Embark on a journey exploring the interplay between world literature and international studies. Craft a program that aligns with your academic interests under the guidance of advisors from both departments.

Additional Options

• Minor, Honours, and Certificates: Tailor your studies further with our array of minor options, honours programs, and certificate offerings.

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How to Declare Your Major or Minor

Once you've successfully completed two courses in WLL, you're ready to declare your Major or Minor.

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Language Enhancement

While our literature courses are in English, we strongly encourage students to explore additional languages or further develop their language skills through our language courses

Plan Your Program

For additional guidance, be sure to consult the helpful information available on our faculty's "Plan Your Program" page. 

Shape your academic journey with the Department of World Languages and Literatures at SFU. Explore the world of literature and gain a deeper understanding of its cultural, historical, and global significance.