Learn Arabic

More than 400 million people speak Arabic. Understand Arab culture and Islam better by studying the language.

Which Arabic language course should I take?

Students with no background in the language may enroll themselves into the relevant introductory course.

Students who have some background in Arabic should contact the course instructor for a placement interview if they are enrolling in an Arabic course for the first time.

Students who have transferred from a college or a university and took Italian in their prior institution should take the next level course.

* We reserve the right to move students to more proficiency-appropriate courses or to unenroll students when there is no appropriate course for them.

Placement interviews

Students who are unsure about their level or background in Arabic should attend a placement interview before they register for courses. Contact the undergraduate advisor ( or the Arabic instructor ( to arrange.

Students are expected to provide true information about their language background and language learning experiences to the best of their knowledge. Concealing your knowledge of the language and/or providing false information are considered academic dishonesty and can be recorded on the your academic record. For more information, read SFU's academic integrity page.

Arabic courses - Spring 2022

ARAB 110 - Introductory Arabic II

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
ARAB 110 D100 Sessional
We 10:30 AM – 12:20 PM
Fr 10:30 AM – 12:20 PM
WMC 2533, Burnaby

Even more Arabic courses

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