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Find useful links and how to use the Academic Progress Report.


See what courses you've taken and in progress and see if you've met the requirements for graduation.

The Academic Progress Report (APR) can be found in Review the courses you've taken and identify requirements that have been met and unmet. Students may need to verify the accuracy of this report with a WLL advisor. This report does not replace individual academic planning or graduation checks.


Crucial Details About Plagiarism

Hey there,

This is some very important info about plagiarism. Make sure to go through this carefully, especially section 3.0. If there's anything you're unsure about, don't hesitate to ask your professor for clarification. Trust us, it's better to be safe than sorry!

Subject: Code of Academic Honesty

1.0 Principle of Integrity

At our university, we're all about academic standards and reputation. Honesty is at the core of our pursuit of knowledge. It's not just a rule, it's a commitment to maintaining the integrity of our community.

2.0 Defining Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty is a big no-no. It's any form of misrepresentation with the intention to deceive or without concern for accuracy. It's not just unfair to others, it undermines the values we stand for.

3.0 Sneaky Forms of Academic Dishonesty

Let's talk plagiarism. It's when someone passes off someone else's work as their own. And trust us, it's not cool. Whether you're copying a whole essay or just a part of it, always give credit where it's due. There are other things too, like cheating on exams or using material without approval.

4.0 Knowing the Standards

Everyone needs to be on the same page. Familiarize yourself with the academic honesty standards. They're in the University Calendar and the Registration Handbook. No excuses, okay?

5.0 Penalties for Cheating

If you're caught in the act, there are consequences. It could be a warning, reprimand, or even suspension. The severity depends on factors like how deliberate the act was or if it's a repeat offense.

Remember, understanding these rules is on you. Read carefully and ask if you're unsure. Let's keep it honest!

Important Note on Plagiarism

In your papers, always cite your sources. If you're quoting, use quotation marks and give the source. Even if you're paraphrasing, give credit. Plagiarism is a serious offense, and it's not worth the risk. So, do the right thing!