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About Us

Lyre Magazine is all about showcasing the best creative talent that the SFU community has to offer. The magazine stands at the crossroads of artistry and academia, providing a platform for vibrant voices. As a student-run, open-access literary journal, we showcase the exceptional work of undergraduate writers, SFU graduates, and non-undergraduate students.

Focus and Scope

We believe that creativity knows no bounds, which is why we eagerly accept an array of literary forms. From short stories that ignite the imagination to essays that challenge the intellect, from evocative poetry to visually stunning artwork, our pages are a canvas for expression.

Open Access Policy

We're committed to breaking down barriers to knowledge. Lyre Magazine operates on the belief that access to creative work should be universal. That's why we proudly provide immediate open access to all our content. It's about fostering a global community united by the love of literature and the arts.

So, whether you’re here to create, explore, or simply get inspired, Lyre Magazine invites you to explore a world of creativity, passion, and boundless expression. Join us in celebrating the diverse voices that make up our dynamic community.

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