Why Study World Languages

Language studies offers a versatile skill set that cut across occupational boundaries. Whether in health, sales and service, trade, transport, or manufacturing, the competencies gained through language learning are eminently transferrable. This underlines the universal applicability of linguistic proficiency in an ever-transforming job landscape. 

Studying a new language with the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Simon Fraser University will equip you with not only strong communication skills but also cultivate a skill set that aligns with the evolving demands of an ever-diversifying labour market. Our language courses would make you a versatile and adaptable professional across different in-demand sectors like health, sales, trade, and manufacturing.

Studied a language before but don’t know it fully?

One of the keys to the success of the Department of World Languages and Literatures, and the success of the students is a thorough and accurate assessment of your language level.

We can help you find the correct level in your language learning journey

Since we offer language courses from beginner to expert levels, it is extremely important for us to help you find the correct level in your language learning journey. Our placement tests are administered by experienced instructors, to align the students correctly to their proficiency levels.

The testing process includes comprehensive assessments including reading, writing, grammar, and on-campus speaking evaluations. These evaluations, often conducted online, provide a thorough understanding of each student’s linguistic capabilities. Our instructors guide you through the whole process ensuring regular feedback to facilitate the process.

The gathered data is meticulously maintained within the Department, forming the basis for informed decisions. Additionally, these insights serve as a foundation for enhancing language teaching methodologies. These tools reflect our commitment to transparency and academic excellence.

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Why Study World Literatures

In Today’s Job Market, active listening, speaking, and reading comprehension are in high demand. Critical thinking and monitoring are key competencies. Judgement and decision making, complex problem solving, and social perceptiveness will drive nearly 40% of job openings by 2032 (Labour Market Outlook Report 2022).

The demand for people-oriented skills like active listening, critical thinking, intercultural competence, complex problem solving, and reading comprehension, are becoming non-negotiable as we transition into global workspaces. According to the Labour Market Outlook 2022, to thrive in the contemporary workplace, along with these people-oriented skills you require competencies like judgement, decision making, and social perceptiveness. The projected statistics showcase how these skills will influence 40 percent of expected job openings by 2032. (Full report here)