Sample Jobs

Discover the different co-op jobs that are available to you. Click on a specific job title for a description of some of the duties that the position encompasses.

Genetic Research Assistant

  • Students work under the direction of a senior lab scientist and conduct molecular biology laboratory experiments.    
  • Experiments are conducted as part of a program to identify mutations in genes that control susceptibility to human cancers. PCR, sequencing and other variant detection techniques may be employed.    
  • Duties may include PCR, agarose gels, purification of PCR products, purification and quantitation of DNA, cycle sequencing and the use of robotic liquid-handling devices.

Actuarial Analyst

  • Responsible for analyzing the employer's population and tracking changes from year to year using database software.    
  • Complete benefit calculations, review plan documents, produce employee benefit statements and file annual government reports. Examine and verify retirement trust financial statements.    
  • Program and develop liabilities using actuarial principles and Mercer’s Global Retirement System (GRS).    
  • Use GRS to determine employer contributions and expenses, and to create reports.

Research Chemist

  • Specific topics could range from the stereospecific synthesis of drug molecules, the asymmetric synthesis of natural products, novel synthetic methods, and/or combinatorial chemistry as a means of providing new and interesting biologically-active structure classes.
  • A project could wholly involve NMR, where attention would be focused on structure and conformation determination; state-of-the-art instrumentation will be used.    
  • Successful projects can be published rapidly with the student as co-author where appropriate. Student Marine Invertebrate Dive Biologist Assist in field dive surveys and laboratory work to study the population biology of abalone, red sea urchins and/or geoducks. Candidates must have experience in SCUBA diving and small boats and a knowledge of marine biology and ecology. Willingness to work under field conditions in isolated areas with a dive team is essential.

Entomology Research Assistant

  • Maintain insect colonies.    
  • Participate in experiments on biological control of pests, and insect biology and behaviour.    
  • Generate reports, conduct individual research experiments, and collect and analyze field data as well as contribute to ongoing research activities.

Microbiology Laboratory Assistant

  • Assist the Public Education Coordinator in the day to day operation of the program, including teaching in the laboratory and out in the field.    
  • Perform high volume routine bacteriological examination of drinking, recreational and waste waters by: 
    • preparing reagents and materials used in test procedures        
    • assessioning (including data entry) and preparing samples for testing        
    • processing samples by membrane filtration, multi-tube fermentation and pour plate techniques        
    • reading and recording culture results        
    • subculturing bacterial isolates to biochemical test media for verification, confirmation and identification    
  • Operate laboratory equipment such as microscope, colony counter, membrane filtration device, pipetter, electronic balance, pH meter, centrifuge, etc.    
  • Carrying out other related laboratory duties as required.

Air Quality Issues Research Assistant

Work with the Senior Air Quality Planner and other members of the Air Quality Management Section to accomplish some or all of the following:   

  • Research, analysis and provision of findings and recommendations to senior staff on air emissions issues, control and management        
  • Provide input on projects related to air quality by gathering, reviewing and commenting on available material (e.g. human health impacts of air pollution, marine vessel emissions, cleaner fuels)        
  • Assist with the organization and administration of meetings and conferences, which may include meetings of the Georgia Basin-Puget Sound International Airshed Strategy, Border Air Quality Strategy, and others.