Working Students 

You’ve done it! You’ve secured a co-op work term - congratulations! Your hard work, dedication and preparation have paid off. Here are your next steps.

Before Your Work Term

Step 1: Confirmation Email

A placement confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with instructions and guidelines on Co-op Practicum course registration, UPASS Exemption, etc.

Step 2: Work Term

In addition to your on-the-job responsibilities, here are the core components to complete for a successful and impactful work term:

  • Setting Learning Objectives
  • Site Visit with Co-op Coordinator
  • End of Work Term Documents: Work Report, Student Evaluation and Supervisor Evaluation

During Your Work Term

As Co-op is an educational program that integrates your academic studies with your personal and professional development, here are the core components to complete for a successful and impactful work term.

At the start of your work term, you will be automatically enrolled in a Working Students Canvas course that will provide further information about each of these components.

Learning Objectives

  • Think about what you want to gain from this work experience.
  • Prepare your Learning Objectives (3 or more) and talk about them with your new supervisor during the first few weeks of your job so that they can support your achievement of these goals.
  • Upload your Learning Objectives to MyExperience so they can be part of the conversation during your Co-op site meeting.
  • You can find some tips for setting effective learning objectives here, including help with critical skills that you may wish to develop - communication, attitude & behaviour, thinking, learning, working with others, adaptability and responsibility.

Site Visits

A Co-op Coordinator will connect with you to set up a date and time to meet with you and your supervisor. This may be in person, via phone or by online video conference, and visits are usually held around the mid-point of your work term.

The purpose of the site visit meeting is to:

  • Hear more about what you are learning and your progress towards your learning objectives,
  • Help ensure that both your and your employer's expectations are being met,
  • Help address any issues/concerns raised by you and/or the employer,
  • Discuss your plans for a work term report/project and review end of work term document requirements with you and your supervisor.

If you have any questions or comments about your work term before your site visit, please contact your home Co-op Coordinator.

End of Work Term Documents: Work Report, Student Evaluation and Supervisor Evaluation

Your Work Report is due the last month of your work term, along with your Student Evaluation (a self-evaluation). You’ll find the Work Report Guidelines and deadline information, as well as other work term related documents on the Documents page.

Your Co-op Supervisor will also complete an online Evaluation of your work performance and share this feedback with you.

The work report, student self-evaluation and supervisor evaluation form the basis of a pass/fail grade for the co-op practicum course for your work term.*

*Note: 1st work term students must also complete a mandatory module ("Rights and Responsibilities & Health, Safety and Well-Being") in the Working Students Canvas course for a pass grade for the co-op practicum course for the work term.