Prospective Students

Apply as early as first year - the sooner the better. If you're interested in joining co-op, but not sure if you meet our requirements, please contact

Application Requirements

School of Interactive Arts & Technology Student

You must be formally admitted to the Bachelor of Interactive Arts & Technology program and in good academic standing.

Academic Requirements

  • CGPA of at least 2.40
  • Registered as a full-time student (minimum 9 units/semester)
  • Commitment to completing 3 working semesters
  • 45 units minimum completed prior to first work term
  • Completion of the Co-op Application Form

Have 80 units or more? 
Before applying to co-op, please book an appointment with our SIAT Co-op Advisor ( to discuss your eligibility for the co-op program.

Students are required to be registered in at least one academic course during the seeking term, but ideally 9 units to qualify for positions that may require full-time status.


All students must ensure they have the necessary documents to be legally entitled to work on a co-op term:

  • Social Insurance Number: For information about how to obtain a SIN, review the "Applying for a SIN handout" by International Services for Students.
  • MSP registration: For information about the medical insurance that students need, including while on a co-op term, review the SFU Medical Insurance page.

Work Permit for International Students

International students are required to obtain a valid Co-op work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before applying to SFU Co-op jobs. Once accepted into the co-op program, you will be issued a letter to include in your work permit application. We recommend applying for the work permit as early as possible, as processing times can be lengthy.

Got Time? 

Involvement in SIAT Co-op requires a significant commitment from you. You’ll want to consider these points carefully before applying.

Success in co-op means a time commitment. Co-op students say that applying for co-op jobs is like taking an extra course. You’ll compete against university students across Canada for jobs. Writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, attending co-op workshops... it all takes time and effort. Like most good things, the more you put in, the better the payoff.

At least 3 additional semesters

All undergraduate students are expected to complete at least 3 work terms, ideally, 4, alternating between work and study semesters. Students not intending to complete at least 3 work terms will not be admitted.

Immerse yourself

In the same semester, you apply to co-op, you’ll be immersed in a professional pre-employment program which includes coaching in resumes, cover letters, portfolios and interview preparation.

Stay the course

Remember: only tailored, flawless applications get you shortlisted. Spend the time to create customized documents and you’ll get results; otherwise, don’t apply.

Don't worry

Don't worry if you didn't get a job immediately. Many of our students are placed late in the semester. Some of our best jobs are posted later in the semester.

It's competitive

Acceptance into co-op does not guarantee your placement in a specific work term. Students apply for posted positions; employers decide who to interview and whom to hire.


Plan to apply 2 semesters prior to your first work term. Apply as early as the first year; the earlier, the better.

Success can be a moving target

Some of our best co-op students are not placed in the first semester they try.

Co-op is about learning what type of work you like and don't like. We encourage our co-op students to apply for jobs that cross diverse fields during education. By the time you graduate, you’ll have formed ideas about the type of work environment you’re best suited to, and these will be grounded in real life work experience.

  Work in Spring
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Preparation Term 
(Completing SIAT Co-op: Preparation Canvas Course)

Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Spring 2024

Seeking Term
(Applying and interviewing for Jobs)

Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024