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Software Systems Co-op Sample Job Description

Software Developer

Who We Are:

Safe Software was founded in Vancouver, BC in 1993 by two people and a dream to unleash the power of data. From this vision, FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) was born. FME is the integration platform with the best support for spatial data and the tool that organizations can employ to transform their data in limitless ways. Our software allows anyone to move and share their data to create useful workflows in a simple drag-and-drop format. Whatever the type of data - be it sensors, maps, building models, imagery, databases, social media, web services, and more - FME is up for the task.

What We Offer:

At Safe, we treat co-ops like full-time employees. Our collaborative environment means that there is ample opportunity for coaching and mentorship.

As a member of one of our small development teams, you will play a big part in keeping our technology cutting-edge. Safe counts on co-op developers like you to play an important role in the design, implementation, and testing of key software components. From the start, you'll be working on projects that will lead to shipping production code. We know your work will make a difference to not just your resume but to our products and customers.

A co-op term at Safe often leads to an offer of permanent employment. In fact, over half of our development team started their careers at Safe as co-op developers!

What We're Looking For:

Our FME Desktop/Engine development group is responsible for continuously extending the reach of FME technology to support the evolving needs of our customers. You will work with a team that focuses on FME's core capabilities. This can be anything from new big data formats, NoSQL databases, LiDAR format based on laser scanned data, to advanced raster imagery, or a location-based web service in the cloud.

We are seeking strong communicators with a solid understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and passion for programming in C++. As a member of our team, you will be immersed in an environment using the latest technologies to deliver future solutions. Below are some of the technologies to which you will be exposed:

  • Back-end development with C++
  • Front-end development with C++ and Qt
  • Build and test tools: Visual Studio, SCons, Git
  • Toolkits: Qt, Boost, STL, cURL, OpenSSL, Xerces, ICU, GEOS, Docker
  • Web technologies: REST, XML, JSON, OAuth, Web Sockets, WMS
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • NoSQL Databases: CouchDB, MongoDB, CartoDB, ElasticSearch
  • File Formats: Minecraft, AutoCAD, GeoTIFF, Excel, KML, CSV, PDF
  • Web Services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Twitter
  • Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX


  • Senior students in their 3rd year or above are preferred.
  • Prior co-op or related experience is an asset.
  • Position Start Date:
  • Position End Date: