Resources for Current Graduate Students



According to General Graduate Regulations 1.6, when a graduate student has been admitted, the graduate program committee will exercise general supervision and provide academic advice for the student through the chair of the graduate program committee or a faculty member designated by the chair, until a supervisor has been appointed, normally no later than the student's second term if appropriate.

Submit the following forms as needed to

To appoint a supervisor, or supervisory committee by the end of students' 2nd term, complete the APPROVAL OF SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE form

To change members on your supervisory committee or add a co-supervisor, complete the REQUEST TO CHANGE SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE form. If you are adding a co-supervisor, please have both co-supervisors sign the form.

We encourage students to visit Forms for current students on the Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Fellows website for the latest versions of the forms. 


Progress Report

The Graduate Progress Report (GPR) is an annual review completed by all graduate students in a research based program. The GPR is a collaborative record of a student’s progress in the program allowing for input from the student, supervisory committee, and Graduate Program Chair.

The report is generated every Fall term and is completed through goSFU. You will receive an email when your portion of the Graduate Progress Report is available.

More information can be found here

If supervisors would like to have a more frequent evaluation with students, they can complete the paper-based GPR out of cycle. This GPR is kept internal to the School of Engineering Science and will not have a record on goSFU. 

For Master’s and Doctoral students in research-based programs, the supervisory committee shall report on the student’s progress at least once each year. This report will be sent, in writing, to the graduate program committee with a copy to the student. The evaluation of student progress in course work will rely in part on their maintenance of a CGPA of 3.0, as required by General Graduate Regulations 1.5.4


PhD Qualifying Examination

To schedule PhD Qualifying Examination, students must complete the following steps. Note that eligibility for the President PhD Scholarship depends on the successful outcome of the PhD Qualifying Examination.  

  1. Contact the Graduate Program Assistant to be enrolled in ENSC 880.
  2. Discuss with the supervisory committee and establish a date and time for the PhD Qualifying Examination.
  3. Request a room booking from the Graduate Program Assistant.
  4. The Graduate Program Assistant will provide a PhD Qualifying Examination Results form to the Senior Supervisor.
  5. The proposal should be submitted to the committee two weeks before the presentation.  An outline for the proposal can be viewed here 
  6. After the examination, the supervisory committee will fill out the PhD Qualifying Examination Results Form, and the Senior Supervisor will submit the form to the Graduate Program Assistant.


Thesis Defense and Degree Completion

For information about the steps and process for defending your thesis and completing your degree, please visit this page.


Awards, Fellowships & Scholarships

The online Graduate Awards and Application system can be accessed here

The graduate fellowship policy can be found here

The additional Information form for the GF competition can be found here

For more information on awards and scholarships, please see the Dean of Graduate Studies website


Directed Studies

Please fill out the ENSC Directed Studies 891/892 form to apply for directed studies.  A course proposal should be included with your application.  Directed Studies guidelines can be found here: Directed Studies Guidelines and Proposal Template