Forms for Current Students

The following forms may be printed and filled out by hand or the fields can be filled on your computer prior to printing. Once completed, please submit the form to the next level of approval (i.e. your senior supervisor or academic unit).

Some forms, such as tuition appeals, are handled by SFU Student Services. If a particular form has not been customized for graduate students, it will be available on their page.


Confirmation Letter

Upon enrollment in a term, you can log in to the Student Information System to print your confirmation of enrollment letter. The letter is produced in real time as a PDF file and can then be saved to disk, emailed, or printed.

  1. Go to the Student Center: under the "Academics" heading, "Enrollment" sub-heading, click the small double arrow for the drop down menu and select "Confirmation of Enrollment."
  2. The current term will automatically be selected. Click the "Go" button.
  3. Click the green "Refresh" button every 30 seconds until the "view PDF" appears in blue. Click the "view PDF" button when it appears and your Confirmation of Enrollment Letter will open.

You can now save, email, or print your confirmation of enrollment letter. 

Completion of Degree Requirements Letter

our completion letter is available to print from your Student Centre ( if all of the following requirements have been met and your degree is approved:

  • Your thesis must already have been submitted to the library;
  • Final grades are posted for the term;
  • Your senior supervisor, your graduate program chair, and your Faculty's graduate studies chair must have signed the Recommendation for Award of Degree form and the form must be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Please note: if the above three criteria are not satisfied a completion letter cannot be generated.

To print from your Student Centre:

  1. Under the "Other Academics" heading, select "Credential Completion Letter."
  2. The letter is produced as a PDF file and sent to your SFU email address. This is an official SFU document. The letter has embedded security features that will allow verification of the authenticity of the document.

Your completion letter will include your full name, the date, credential completed, institution name, phone/fax number, and SFU website address. In addition, it will include the anticipated date that the credential will be awarded and anticipated convocation ceremony.

If you are having difficulty viewing the PDF, the issue is most likely with your web browser or with a pop-up blocker. 

If you do not see the letter in the dropdown menu, you may not have completed all the graduation requirements (please contact your faculty/department advisor), your grades may not have been submitted, or your credential has already been awarded by Senate. In this case please use your Senate letter as proof of completion of degree requirements. 

Records and Transcripts

Name Change

Please fill out the Student Name Change Application form and present Change of Name Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, or Divorce Certificate in person to the Registrar, your graduate program assistant, or the Office of Graduate Studies for verification. 

Students born outside of Canada, may present their Canadian Permanent Residency card, or Canadian Citizenship certificate.

Consent to Disclose Personal Information

Pursuant to Section 33.1(1)(b) of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RSBC 1996, c. 165), students can consent to disclose personal information to a department by filling out the Consent to Disclose Personal Information form. 

Parchment Replacement

Please submit your Parchment Replacement Request form to Student Services.

Transcript Request

Official transcript requests are available online through the Student Information System at (preferred). Please select "Transcript: Official" from the "other academic..." dropdown menu found in the "Academics" section. For alternative methods, see the Transcript Request Page.

*Transcripts cost $10 and take 1-3 days for processing. Rush order, priority delivery, and international delivery options are available.

Please note that some Canada Post services may not be available for all countries. To check whether the Canada Post Service you require operates for your destination address, consult Canada Post's International Destination Listing.

Opt-Outs and Refunds

GSS Benefit Plan Opt-Out

Information on opting out of the GSS Benefit Plan can be found on the SFU Graduate Benefit Plan website. 

International Students Medical Plan Out-Out

If you are an international student, please see the GuardMe website for details on opting out of the medical plan. 

U-Pass BC Exemptions

Please see the U-Pass BC Eligibility and Exemption website.

Refund Request

Complete the Refund Request form and submit in person at the Registrar counter at any campus, by email to, or by fax to 778-782-4263.

Refund Appeal Application

To appeal for a refund of tuition fees, a tuition drop penalty, an enrollment/confirmation deposit, penalties for late payment, or courses dropped after the end of the second week of classes, please submit a Refund Appeal Application form to Student Services.

Course Changes and Program Transfers

Course Add/Drop

To add or drop a course in any of the following situations, please use the Course Add/Drop form: 

  • Add a course from an academic unit outside your home department;
  • Add an undergraduate course;
  • Add an audit course;
  • For approval to take a course with the grading basis changed to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory; 
  • If the deadline to use self-enrollment to add or drop a course has passed.

Change Requirement Term

When program requirements change, students have the option to graduate under the new requirements. When a student chooses this option, the Change Requirement Term form must be submitted to the Graduate Studies office to ensure the student’s requirement term is updated and that the correct program requirements will be verified upon completion of the program.

Program Transfer

For transfering from one SFU graduate program to another SFU graduate program (without completion of the first program) please read the specific requirements for each program type on the back of the form. Once all requirements are met and approved by both the original and proposed new program chair, the form and relevent documents should be submitted to graduate studies. 

Transfer Credit and Advance Credit

Application for Advance Credit

A graduate student may apply to receive advance credit towards a credential at Simon Fraser University for graduate courses completed prior to admission to a program (Graduate General Regulation 1.7.6) by submitting the Application for Advance Credit form to Graduate Studies. 

The following requirements must be met for a student to receive advance credit:

  • The courses must have been completed within three years of starting the program at Simon Fraser University.
  • The courses must not have been applied towards the requirements for a previously completed credential, unless this is permitted in the Senate-approved program requirements.
  • The courses must not have been completed while the student was admitted as a qualifying student.
  • Advance credit for courses from a certificate/diploma may comprise no more than 50 percent of the course requirements for a graduate degree; or advance credit for courses from a degree may comprise no more than 50 percent of the course requirements for a graduate certificate/diploma.
  • Application for advance credit must be approved by the Graduate Program Committee and the Dean of Graduate Studies, either before admission or retroactively within the first year of enrollment.
  • A minimum grade of B is required. Please note: the grade achieved will not be included in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average.  
If an exception to these guidelines is requested, a rationale must be included.  

Taking a Course at another Institution

For approval to take a course at an institution inside the Western Deans' Agreement, please submit the Authorization and Course Registration form to Graduate Studies.

To apply to take a course at another an institution outside of the Western Deans' Agreement for credit at Simon Fraser University, please submit this form to Graduate Studies. 

See explanatory policies on our Current Students page and the Western Deans' Agreement website.

Extensions, Leaves, Readmission, and Withdrawals

Request an Extension

For an extension beyond the maximum time limit of the graduate program, please complete the Extension Application form. This form can only be used by graduate students who have not been withdrawn from their program. If you have been discontinued, please refer to the readmission section on the Extension/Readmission page.  

If an extension is granted, students must maintain continuous enrollment for the length of their extension. Students in a per-term fee program will be eligible to pay a continuing fee for the length of their extension.  

Leave of Absence Request

During a leave of absence, graduate students are not enrolled and normally should not use any of the University’s facilities or resources, or undertake academic or research work related to the program from which they have taken a leave of absence. Please read Graduate General Regulation 1.8.4 before completing the Leave of Absence Request form. 

SFU Graduate students must submit a Health Care Provider Form with any application for a parental or medical leave of absence, an extended leave of absence, or for a withdrawal under extenuating circumstances for medical reasons.


By the end of the sixth week of classes each term, students who are not yet enrolled or have not been registered as on leave will be discontinued from their program. Students who have not reached the time limit for their program and have been discontinued may apply for reactivation in the same term in which they were discontinued and be retroactively enrolled. Once reactivated, students must maintain continuous enrollment for the length of their program. 


As of September 1, 2016, the three year window for students to be readmitted for one term to complete their degree requirements is no longer an option. This regulation has been replaced by the new extension policy (GGR 1.12.2).

Students who timed out by Fall 2016 can apply for readmission for one term within the nine terms, but it is up to the academic unit to make this decision. Alternatively, students may be considered under the new extension policy, should they time out before Summer 2016.

To apply for readmission log-in to the online admission application with your computing ID and password. In step 1, select start a new application and follow the steps to complete your readmission application. 

NOTE: readmission applications must be made before the start of the term in which you would like to be readmitted for. 


Withdrawal from Graduate Studies

To withdraw from a program entirely, please submit the Withdrawal from Graduate Studies form to Graduate Studies. 

Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances

To withdraw from a semester under extenuating circumstances, please complete the Request for Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances form and provide supporting documentation (e.g., Health Care Provider Form) as soon as possible after your extenuating circumstances arise. 

The granting of a withdrawal under extenuating circumstances is at the discretion of Simon Fraser University. All available information, including the student’s performance during the term, will be considered. If you need to withdraw from multiple terms, please use a separate form for each term. If approved, a "WE" notation will appear on your transcript for that term.

Approval to withdraw from a course does not imply a guaranteed refund of tuition. Tuition refunds depend upon many factors, including the date of the withdrawal and documentation provided, among others.

  • Withdrawal within the first two weeks of classes will result in an automatic 100% refund of tuition and fees
  • Withdrawal during the remaining weeks of the first month of classes will result in a 75% refund of your tuition only;
  • Withdrawal in the second month of classes will result in an automatic 50% refund of tuition only.

To appeal for any additional refund after these dates you must submit a Tuition Appeal Form. Please note that after the second week of the term, no refunds are given for ancillary fees. 


Appeal of an Evaluation of Unsatisfactory Progress

To appeal an evaluation of unsatisfactory progress or requirement to withdraw, please submit this application to Graduate Studies.

Students are encouraged to seek input from available sources prior to filing an appeal. These resources include the Graduate Studies Coordinator, and/or the advocacy group of the SFU Graduate Student Society, and/or the Ombudsperson at SFU.

Supervisory Committee (MA/PhD)

Approval of Supervisory Committee

The Approval of Supervisory Committee form is required when creating a new supervisory committee for a graduate student. After approval by the Graduate Chair, please forward this form to Graduate Studies.

Changes to Supervisory Committee

To make a change to the original Supervisory Committee (i.e. to add and/or remove members), please submit the Change of Supervisory Committee form. 

To appoint a Co-Supervisor for a graduate student, please submit the Approval of Co-Supervisor form to Graduate Studies. 

Please see Graduate General Regulation 1.6.

Defence and Completion

Approval of Examining Committee

For a Master's student, the Approval of Examining Committee form must be submitted to Graduate Studies at least four weeks before the proposed examination date as per Graduate General Regulation 1.9.2

For a Doctoral student, the Approval of Examining Committee form must be submitted to Graduate Studies at least six weeks before the proposed examination date as per Graduate General Regulation 1.9.4.

Scheduling of Master's Degree Completion

The Scheduling of a Master's Degree Completion form should be used in place of the Approval of Examining Committee form for a Master’s Student if the degree was completed though coursework and either:

Thesis Publication

Thesis Postponement of Publication

To request a one-year postponement of thesis publication, please submit the Thesis Postponement of Publication Request form at least 30 days prior to your defence, to Graduate Studies or by email to

An additional extension after a one-year thesis postponement can be requested using this Extension form. Please submit this form at least 60 days prior to the expiry of your current postponement to Graduate Studies or by email to If your extension has been approved, please contact the SFU Assistant for Theses at with the signed document for processing.

Awarding of Certificates/Degrees

Recommendation for the Award of Certificate

The Recommendation for the Award of Certificate form must be completed by a staff member. 

Recommendation for the Award of Degree

When all degree requirements have been completed, the Recommendation of the Award of Degree form must be submitted to Graduate Studies. 


Graduate Student Business Cards

See the Graduate Student Business Cards page for instructions on ordering business cards.