Xuzheng (Kyree) Chen

Major: Environmental Science

Post-secondary doesn't have to be a straight path.

Xuzheng (Kyree) started at Fraser International College, which offers direct transfer pathways to SFU. When a friend shared their experience in the environmental science program at SFU, it sparked Kyree's interest and he transferred into the same program the next year.

Moving away from home is never easy, but Kyree looked for opportunities to meet new people and grow. Like many students within the Faculty of Environment, Kyree is passionate about the outdoors and staying active. In addition to hiking the beautiful Vancouver mountains and Burnaby Mountain's variety of trails, Kyree also enjoyed participating in campus-held basketball games and hitting the gym, showing how post-secondary isn’t just about hitting the books!

Kyree graduated in December 2020 and is planning on pursuing a master’s degree next. His advice to anyone thinking of transferring is to “know your goal, just do it, and enjoy!”