Vacation Q&As


General Vacation Information

Q: How to look up vacation and seniority balances?

A: Please refer to: "How to Look Up Vacation and Seniority Balances in"

Q: How is vacation accrued for employees in the CUPE, Poly Party, APSA and Excluded employee groups?

A: Effective 2006, the vacation calendar year was changed to coincide with the payroll calendar year. Vacation is calculated and accrued based on the number of pay periods in the year, which is typically 26 pay periods (260 working days).

In 2024, the payroll calendar has 26 pay periods (260 working days), so the vacation calendar year starts on January 2, 2024 and ends on December 31, 2024.

Q: Why do some employees see the full year vacation entitlement, and some employees don't?

A: Continuing employees who are not on leaves of absence (other than maternity or parental leaves) will see the full annual vacation entitlement.

The following Groups of employees will see only the balance of vacation that accrued up to the end of the last pay period worked (refer to the "As of Date" on the Vacation Balances page):

  • Temporary APSA and excluded employees
  • Employees on Leaves of Absence (other than maternity or parental leaves)

Vacation Payouts for APSA & Excluded

Q: When is the deadline for supervisors and timekeepers to adjust APSA and Excluded employees' previous year's vacation entries?

A: The deadline to enter vacation time taken in 2023 to avoid payout is February 16, 2024.

Q: What earning code should be used on the timesheets to enter vacation time taken?

A: Timekeepers are required to use earning code 540 Vacation Time Taken to record all vacation time taken on Timesheets.

Q: When will the vacation payouts for the APSA and Excluded employee groups occur?

A: The payouts will occur on the March 22, 2024 payday.

Q: How much vacation do I need to take in order to avoid a vacation payout next year?

A: The Vacation Balances page in MyInfo will be updated after March 22, 2024 to reflect the potential payment amount for 2024. 

Q: Is there a policy that refers to vacation payouts?

A: The policies that pertain to vacation payouts are located at:

Refer to: AD10-08, 5.07 for APSA employees and AD9-08, 6.05 for Excluded employees.

If you have further questions, please contact your Strategic Business Partner.