Well-being & Resilience

At SFU, we are committed to our own well-being and resilience and create healthy environments that support this in others.

SFU is committed to proactively fostering a psychologically safe environment, emphasizing individual and collective well-being for faculty and staff across the university. By prioritizing mental health and well-being, we are fostering a healthy and thriving community for all who live, work, teach and learn at SFU.  Visit our Mental Health and Well-Being Supports website for more information.


A Very Happy Brain (4m)

All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes, Andy Puddicombe (9m)

How Failure Cultivates Resilience

How Failure Cultivates Resilience, Raphael Rose (12m)

The Habits of Happiness, Matthieu Ricard (20m)

3 Secrets of Resilient People, Lucy Hone (16m)

The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage, Susan David (16m)

Resilience & Immunity 

Resilience & Immunity - Podcast, Dr. Halena Gazelka (18m)