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Associate Faculty

Fred Popowich Associate Member popowich@sfu.ca
Paul Tupper                                                                       Associate Member                                                                                           paul_tupper@sfu.ca                                                                  

Adjunct Faculty

Anvita Abbi Adjunct Faculty anvitaabbi@gmail.com
Tracey Derwing Adjunct Faculty tracey.derwing@ualberta.ca
Lorna Fadden Adjunct Faculty fadden@sfu.ca
Frederick (Fritz) Newmeyer Adjunct Faculty fjn@u.washington.edu
Anne-Michelle Tessier                                             Adjunct Faculty                                                                                    atessier@sfu.ca    

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Richard DeArmond Retired Associate Professor dearmond@sfu.ca
Ishbel Galloway Retired Senior Lecturer igallowa@sfu.ca
Zita McRobbie Retired Associate Professor mcrobbie@sfu.ca
Jeff Pelletier Emeritus Professor jeffpell@sfu.ca
Wyn Roberts Emeritus Professor wyn_roberts@sfu.ca
Susan Russell Retired Lecturer smrussel@sfu.ca
Juan Manuel Sosa                                                        Retired Associate Professor                                                                     sosa@sfu.ca                                                                          

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