Kathryn Ricketts, Denise Fujiwara, Tom Stroud, and Tama Soble in "Making Waves," mid-1980s. Courtesy of Dance Collection Danse

Care To Dance Dramaturg?

Online magazine The Theatre Times has published – or rather republished, with a new introduction by editor Katalin Trencsényi – a "pioneering" essay by dancer-choreographers Denise Fujiwara and Tama Soble and the SCA's DD Kugler, Care To Dance Dramaturge? The Invention Of A New Craft, which originally appearing thirty years ago in the Canadian journal Theatrum. As Trencsényi notes, the essay "was one of the first case studies describing the working processes of dance dramaturgy, around the time when this 'new craft' was just emerging." Completed at the same time as these ideas were developing elsewhere, Trencsényi suggests that the republication of Fujiwara, Soble, and Kugler's text is "a good opportunity to bring this important essay back into our common knowledge and shared understanding of dramaturgy, not only because of its landmark status in the history of dance dramaturgy but also because its valuable contribution to the discourse is still very valid today." Read the full essay HERE.