MA Students

As well as providing an enriched interdisciplinary context for study, the MA in Comparative Media Arts prepares students for work as curators, cultural programmers, arts administrators, arts writers, and other careers in the arts. It also prepares students for a range of PhDs that study the fine and performing arts.

Kwyn Kenaz Aquino

MA Graduate Student

Kwyn Kenaz Aquino earned her bachelor’s degree from Ateneo de Manila University, where she studied film and media. While at Ateneo, she wrote about the essay film as an emerging genre that welcomes conversations about identity and film itself. Before coming to Simon Fraser University, Kwyn worked as a magazine editor, covering film, entertainment, art, style, and photography. Her master’s research at SFU will focus on the culture exchange between film and television, specifically in the areas of cinematography and distribution. Kwyn is also interested in film festival programming, the philosophy of costume design, and the cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Hardi Bhila

MA Graduate Student

Cindy Chan

MA Graduate Student

Areas: Arts and Cultural Management, Cultural Studies, Film, Graphic Design, and Visual Arts.

Cindy Chan, is a graphic designer, brand marketing, and programming coordinator. She is pursuing her Masters of Contemporary Arts from Simon Fraser University. Before SFU, Cindy earned a diploma of Arts and Cultural Management from MacEwan University and Bachelor of Graphic Design (Honours) from Middlesex University. Cindy did practicums in Alberta, at Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC and Art Gallery of Alberta, and in British Columbia, at Or Gallery. In these positions, she worked with the gallery curatorial and administrative staff to support exhibitions and programming as well as day-to-day gallery operations. Prior to this, Cindy worked as a graphic designer and a brand marketing executive in Hong Kong for nearly three years at a financial company and a private company respectively where she designed more than thirty covers and layouts for Annual Report, Interim Report, and brochures. During Cindy’s current graduate academic career at SFU, her research will focus on how Objiwe spiritual belief in dreams resonate to a Thai film. She is particularly interested in how philosophy approaches relate to film, dream, environment, and culture.

Lea Ashelia Hogan

MA Graduate Student

Areas: Performance, Gender, New Media, Queer Studies.

I earned my Baccalaureate of Arts from the University of Waterloo in Theatre & Performance, Speech communication, and a minor in Digital Arts Communication. I've worked in multiple roles in Theatre & Performance: actor, technician (lighting, sound, and occasional video), stage manager, production manager, and dramaturg. In my work, I've taken an interest in Queer and Gender Studies through my Communication program and Performance Devising Practice, inspiring a long existential re-examination of my being and my critical approach to unpacking Performance and Media while influencing a new interest in writing.

In my MA, I look to examine an Auto-Ethnographic approach to positioning Queer and Trans within Environmental and Institutional Spaces. I also will be examining New Media Approaches to Trans Positionality, critiquing audience reception towards different Trans identities and art, and unpacking ways to engage Trans New Media.

Negar Ipakchiazimi

MA Graduate Student

Michelle Kim

MA Graduate Student

Michelle Kim is a Vancouver-based filmmaker, actor, and novelist. Her directorial debut, The Tree Inside, played at various film festivals in North America and Asia, winning audience choice awards for best feature film at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival in Portland. Running Through Sprinklers, her first novel, about girls growing up and growing apart in Surrey, BC, was published by Simon & Schuster USA in 2018. With a BA in Canadian Studies from the University of British Columbia, her master's research will focus on how the Korean concepts of han (sorrow), heung (excitement), and jeong (love & compassion) are expressed aesthetically in South Korean cinema.

Wei Hsin Lee

MA Graduate Student

Rebecca Low

MA Graduate Student

Rebecca Low is a theatre producer and arts administrator from Southern Alberta. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Alberta. She has worked with Rifco Arts (UK), Forbidden Theatre (UK), and Fringe Theatre Adventures (Edmonton). In Vancouver she spent five years as Managing Producer of Rumble Theatre, and served as Pi Theatre’s General Manager for three years. She produced the 2014 and 2016 Tremors Festivals (Rumble), the multiple Jessie Award winning “Terminus” (Pi – 2013), and the world premiere of the Jessie and Governor General Award winning “Indian Arm” (Rumble – 2015). She has served on the boards of Vancouver Creative Space Society and Playwrights’ Theatre Centre. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Contemporary Arts from SFU’s School of Contemporary Arts. She lives in East Vancouver with her husband and their two young children.

Joseph Malbon

MA Graduate Student

Allison Mander-Wionzek

MA Graduate Student

Allison Mander-Wionzek completed her BA in art history with a minor in fine art at the University of British Columbia in 2010, where she focused on European and North American art from the early modern through contemporary periods and often wrote about disruptions to making created by the emergence of new technologies. She also cultivated a practice in printmaking and installation art, which has since branched into a practice of bookmaking. Upon graduation she was awarded the Malaspina Printmakers’ Residency.  

Since graduating from UBC, Allison has operated as a cultural practitioner and educator in Vancouver. She has formerly functioned as the manager of several private galleries, acted as Director/Curator of a project space called Black & Yellow and functioned as Board President at Access Gallery for two terms. She is particularly interested in supporting the sustainability of non-profit organizations, including artist-run centres and is currently pursuing coaching certification to amplify her impact as a consultant to organizations and an advocate of diversity and inclusion in the creative sector.

More recently, Allison’s research interests have focused on alternative approaches to education. She completed a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology at UBC and has pursued research in the realm of queering religious exegesis and critically engaging with spiritual institutions as sites of learning.

At SFU Allison is excited to be supported to think across the lines of media as she looks to critically engage with the contemporary moment.

Joshua Marquis

MA Graduate Student

Madison Mayhew

MA Graduate Student

In 2017, Madison Mayhew graduated from Emily Carr University’s Critical and Cultural Practice program with a minor in Social Practice and Community Engagement. Since then, she’s spent time creating and delivering arts programming for elementary school students in East Vancouver, always contextualized in relation to contemporary pedagogical social practice artwork. She also self-publishes a zine project called Horticultural Counterpowers, a collection of art criticism and critical theory essays about how plant life figures, metaphorically and literally, within Marxist conceptions of urban space. She is currently working as Admin Assistant at 221A Artist-Run Centre. Her MA research at SFU will focus on socially-engaged artistic practices and artists' roles within political movements and social change.

Maria Filipina Palad

MA Graduate Student

Areas: Virtual Reality, Aesthetics, Interaction Design, Southeast Asian Contemporary Art, Curatorial Practice, Arts Management

Maria’s diverse work and education history has led her to focus on Virtual Reality art and its aesthetics at Simon Fraser University. More specifically, her interest in VR relates to its participatory and digital nature, along with the role and potentials of an embodied aesthetics in the medium’s re-emergence.

Maria’s work experience began with interaction design and digital product development. There she helped develop numerous online applications, among them an online film and TV platform, web and mobile games, and online art galleries. She worked for nearly a decade in Singapore, four years in Hong Kong, and a year in Manila. Interspersed with these work assignments, she studied Spanish in Spain and completed a masters in arts management in Italy. Her projects include an immersive sound exhibition in Florence and a talk series on the role of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy. Since then, Maria has been pursuing her lifelong goal of dedicating her knowledge and skills to increasing support for artists and the arts. As a Gallery Manager for an online Art startup she was responsible for helping artists and galleries from Asia, Europe and North America get access to art supporters from across the world. She then transitioned into curating where she focused on Southeast Asian contemporary art and Modern Philippine art. Maria recently curated an exhibition that delved into stories of migration as told through the works of Filipino artists and poets living and working in Vancouver.

Mohammad Zaki Rezwan

MA Graduate Student


Areas: Visual culture, cinema, media, popular culture, and cultural studies

Mohammad Zaki Rezwan always tries to seek who he is not and what he cannot do in his life. In less ambiguous words, he has a broad and diverse range of academic and professional interests.

He has taught cultural studies, film, media, communication, critical theory and postmodern literature in university for more than three years in Bangladesh. He also conducted workshops on digital illustration and graphics design in Bangladesh. Additionally, he engaged diversely as a fiction writer, graphic designer. photographer, and hobbyist filmmaker. His stories, poem, articles, designs, illustrations ,and photographs were published/exhibited in various conferences, newspapers, books, exhibitions, etc., in Bangladesh. For his previous graduate research, he gained practical experience in branding, marketing, social media promotion, copywriting, media management, etc., by directly being involved in the Bangladeshi media industry.

He completed his previous MA in Cultural Studies at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. His graduate thesis primarily explored media hegemony. In addition to this, he directed a short film and published a magazine for his graduate projects. Prior to that, he earned his BA in English from the same university, with a concentration in critical theories, postcolonial literature, and postmodern literature.

Some of his published research articles explore visual culture, film, media, social media, popular culture, and ecofeminism. He has also presented his research papers at several international conferences. Currently, he is researching the Rickshaw art of Bangladesh. He is also hoping to gain practical experience of Canadian art, museums, and media industries during his MA program.

He is always indebted to his friends, parents, teachers, and wife for their inspirations and support.

Israt Taslim

MA Graduate Student