MA Students

As well as providing an enriched interdisciplinary context for study, the MA in Comparative Media Arts prepares students for work as curators, cultural programmers, arts administrators, arts writers, and other careers in the arts. It also prepares students for a range of PhDs that study the fine and performing arts.

Farshad Ameri

MA Graduate Student

Rose Anza-Burgess

MA Graduate Student

Areas: Early modern, humanism, posthumanism, renaissance, revolutions, and the human form.

I am a fledgling writer pursuing an MA in Comparative Media Arts at Simon Fraser University. In this program, I am hoping to gain a deeper understanding of the consequential periods of time that result to transformative changes in the way we see, feel, and interact with the world around us. 

I am a transfer from the MA in Liberal Studies program at SFU. My educational background is in humanities and art history. I earned my BA in Liberal Studies from Capilano University, and have pursued further studies in Art History and Visual Art at the University of British Columbia. My undergraduate research is an interrogation of art, knowledge, and visual culture during the early modern period. My work in the field of art are reflected in the following: as a Curatorial Intern at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, as an Official Photographer at the Vancouver Biennale, as a Production and Site Assistant at the Vancouver fringe Festival, and as a Museum Assistant at the UBC Museum of Anthropology.

Outside of arts and academics, I have a competitive background as a student-athlete. During my undergraduate years, I played for Capilano University’s Women’s Basketball team. However, an ACL injury ended my career in the cutthroat world of college sports, leading me to pursue a career in coaching. I have since coached Point Grey Secondary’s Junior Girls Basketball team from 2010 to 2014, and Cariboo Hill Secondary’s Bantam team from 2015-2016. I am taking a short break from coaching in order to focus on my career as an emerging writer and arts scholar.

Passion is what drives me to pursue. I have a very talented and inspiring wife, and a big family who teaches me a lot about love, life and humility.

Kwyn Kenaz Aquino

MA Graduate Student

Kwyn Kenaz Aquino earned her bachelor’s degree from Ateneo de Manila University, where she studied film and media. While at Ateneo, she wrote about the essay film as an emerging genre that welcomes conversations about identity and film itself. Before coming to Simon Fraser University, Kwyn worked as a magazine editor, covering film, entertainment, art, style, and photography. Her master’s research at SFU will focus on the culture exchange between film and television, specifically in the areas of cinematography and distribution. Kwyn is also interested in film festival programming, the philosophy of costume design, and the cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Cindy Shin Ying Chan

MA Graduate Student

Mallory Gemmel

MA Graduate Student

Areas: Photography, Cinema, Art History, Visual Culture, and Curating.

My BFA consisted of making photographs as a way to experience and understand the conditions that surrounded me. It also offered me an opportunity to look to the past as a method of research. It was during this time that I realized my tendency to believe in a metering of veracity, questioning the truths of the world through making photographs, discussing with peers, and writing. I love to learn and enjoy engaging with people, spaces, and communities that allow me to do so.

My time in the Comparative Media Arts Program has guided a personal interest in the research of moving-image and cinema. My object of study consists of exploring the perceptual qualities of cinema that make it an immersive, engaging, reflective, and contemplative art form. With knowledge and further research in contemporary and historical curatorial practice, I am working towards considering how exhibition design can be influenced and reflective of the perceptual processes of cinema. I have taken on practical projects in order to further develop this research, including curating and managing an exhibition project with SFU faculty and Vancouver based artists.  In the final semester of my degree, I will be producing and editing a limited edition issue of the CMA Journal based around new theories of contemporary curatorial exercise that reflect my study, showcasing exhibitions examples, curatorial projects, papers, and reviews.

Storm Rose Eva Hall Greenwood

MA Graduate Student

I am a multidisciplinary artist and researcher from Britain, newly arrived in Vancouver to study for my MA in Comparative Media Arts. Starting from an Undercommons conceptualisation of study as a corporeal practice and not merely an intellectual one, I am interested in the creation of new methodologies for bodily hermeneutic discussion.

I have a BA in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Roehampton (London, UK) and during my final year I wrote an extended dissertation under the supervision of performance scholar-practitioner P.A. Skantze. Drawing on the concept of the Undercommons, my dissertation, 'Secular Space/Sacred Sound: Performative Ritual as Textual Intervention,' explored the creation of a performative ritual. This ritual sought to provide a space in which to intervene in the patriarchal silencing of the Other in formative Western texts through theoretical, performative, somatic and rhizomatic forms of learning.

During my MA I intend to continue exploring the relationship between private and public affective experience and the ways in which Undercommons study, black feminist love politics and the radical politics of hope shape work in this field. I am fascinated by the discussions enabled by writing at the intersection of theory, poetry, performance and fiction. I have been inspired by the writing of Helene Cixous, Fred Moten, Ashon T. Crawley, Barbara Browning and P.A. Skantze, whose work in different registers and modes creates interdisciplinary spaces between diverse forms of writing and practice.

During the last year I have been working on a personal research project entitled 'Stitch Theory: A Methodology for Slow and Reciprocal Devotion.' Stitch Theory exists at the intersection of art and theory and is the practice of embroidering quotes from theoretical and poetic texts and gifting them back to the scholars and writers who wrote them. In June 2018 I had the pleasure of leading a participatory embroidery performance as part of the Found Performance Symposium, an undisciplinary symposium exploring aesthetic methodologies in healthcare and medicine at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London, UK).

Zachary Gungl

MA Graduate Student

Negar Ipakchiazimi

MA Graduate Student

Gabriel Juliano

MA Graduate Student

Michelle Kim

MA Graduate Student

Michelle Kim is a Vancouver-based filmmaker, actor, and novelist. Her directorial debut, The Tree Inside, played at various film festivals in North America and Asia, winning audience choice awards for best feature film at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival in Portland. Running Through Sprinklers, her first novel, about girls growing up and growing apart in Surrey, BC, was published by Simon & Schuster USA in 2018. With a BA in Canadian Studies from the University of British Columbia, her master's research will focus on how the Korean concepts of han (sorrow), heung (excitement), and jeong (love & compassion) are expressed aesthetically in South Korean cinema.

Micaela Kwiatkowski

MA Graduate Student

Areas: Contemporary Art, Queer and Feminist Theory, Curatorial Studies.

Micaela Kwiatkowski is an artist and curator working on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples. Her work engages in a critical feminist practice that intersects with contemporary colonial, art historical and queer discourses. Kwiatkowski completed her BFA at the University of British Columbia with a Concentration in English Literature, and continues to develop public programming for the arts.

Jason Margolis

MA Graduate Student


I am a filmmaker, journalist and media educator, and I work as a producer for SFU’s Creative Studio. My career encompasses contributions as a writer, director, producer, picture editor, story editor and musical composer on documentaries, features, short films, music videos and television series. In my personal work, I recognize an ongoing interest in mythology, memory, marginalization, subculture and dogs, and occasionally incorporate archaic production technology such as degraded film stock and toy video cameras. These personal projects have screened in international film festivals and art galleries, and have been broadcast on television networks around the world.

My education includes a BA in film production from UBC, fellowships from SFU’s Praxis Centre for Screenwriters and CTV/Banff Television Festival, and development training courses from the National Screen Institute - Canada. As a media educator, I taught screenwriting and production at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver Film School and the Art Institute of Vancouver, and have guest lectured at Capilano University.

Having spent several seasons running a television series on the ways emerging technologies affect culture and entertainment, I have a special interest in the evolution of our interaction with storytelling and art. My research aims to explore the influence of audience engagement and participation with content, aesthetics, structure and format of audiovisual media. I would like to examine how new opportunities to directly interact with and influence storytellers and artists are redefining the nature of art itself.

Maria Palad

MA Graduate Student

Rafaella Petrolacci

MA Graduate Student

Mohammad Zaki Rezwan

MA Graduate Student


Areas: Visual culture, cinema, media, popular culture, and cultural studies

Mohammad Zaki Rezwan always tries to seek who he is not and what he cannot do in his life. In less ambiguous words, he has a broad and diverse range of academic and professional interests.

He has taught cultural studies, film, media, communication, critical theory and postmodern literature in university for more than three years in Bangladesh. He also conducted workshops on digital illustration and graphics design in Bangladesh. Additionally, he engaged diversely as a fiction writer, graphic designer. photographer, and hobbyist filmmaker. His stories, poem, articles, designs, illustrations ,and photographs were published/exhibited in various conferences, newspapers, books, exhibitions, etc., in Bangladesh. For his previous graduate research, he gained practical experience in branding, marketing, social media promotion, copywriting, media management, etc., by directly being involved in the Bangladeshi media industry.

He completed his previous MA in Cultural Studies at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. His graduate thesis primarily explored media hegemony. In addition to this, he directed a short film and published a magazine for his graduate projects. Prior to that, he earned his BA in English from the same university, with a concentration in critical theories, postcolonial literature, and postmodern literature.

Some of his published research articles explore visual culture, film, media, social media, popular culture, and ecofeminism. He has also presented his research papers at several international conferences. Currently, he is researching the Rickshaw art of Bangladesh. He is also hoping to gain practical experience of Canadian art, museums, and media industries during his MA program.

He is always indebted to his friends, parents, teachers, and wife for their inspirations and support.

Diego Slosse

MA Graduate Student


Areas: Photography.

My photographic practice is a process of producing and exploring my fascination of nature and people. With this in mind, I always look for energy in light, shades and subtle nuances from a personal photographic look and substantiated vision.

In my images, I always try to look for connections between people and the interactions between

man and nature. I identify with this theme because of my wanderlust and wanting to meet new people and explore new places. This intrigues me because of the connections that occur while I take the image in a particular setting. As I travel to create this narrative, I’m looking for engagement; a mix between the personal and the social that communicates with other people.

My work is mainly poetic with a documentary and social-political touch. With my photographs, I try to look for a topic, reveal a story and raise awareness amongst the viewer. Photography can be a tool to describe a reality that people don’t know. In that sense, I try to bring that reality or story to the viewer so that they have a better understanding of the world around them.

Artists such as Alec Soth, Ansel Adams, Robert Frank, etc. have been an inspiration to my goal of becoming a photographer.

The act of taking the photo is just a document of the event before the click. The hunt for the image, the people to portray, the conversation with yourself and others, setting up the 4x5” or 35mm camera; all of this adds to the meandering, the searching and the process of telling that I pursue.