Withintensions – a new online art publication

A group of alumni SCA visual art students – Francisco Berlanga, Annie Chan, Natalie Chan, and Opal Mclean – have published the inaugural issue of a new online arts publication, Withintensions. Here's how they situate their project:

We write with intention & dwell within tensions

We are artists who have been left without an aim for how to continue engaging with art in the absence of institution.

Our goal is to provide a place where we can write about new ideas, old ideas, and bad ideas.

We are by no means professional writers, we inhabit a place between the seriousness of academic writing and the frivolity of passing thought. We will often succumb to cliches and trends as they pass us as we all often must.

We hope to present unique thoughts for you to consider. Our writing speaks for no one but ourselves. We do not reduce the similar experiences of others to what we have experienced.

We invite you to critically engage with the content, to challenge and be challenged, to test the tensions in question.

Issue one, for January, is on the theme of Practice (DOWNLOAD IT HERE), February's will be on the theme of Humour, and March's theme is still in development.

Here's what they have to say about submissions:

How can I participate withintensions?

Our works range from opinion pieces, reviews, interviews, art(ist) spotlights, and manifestos. We deal with a new issue every month and engage with the topic in either written or visual form. We announce our topics a month in advance. We invite you to submit a topic-related visual and/or written work. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches to art criticism and do not restrict our writing to simply visual art. Our goal is to create dialogues where we can explore current art concepts from our personal, therefore, obviously biased perspectives.

Find out more at Withintensions and follow them on Instagram.