Academic Planning

Academic planning is more than just choosing the courses you'll need to take to complete your degree. It's about the network of support and resources that'll help you get there. 

A good plan takes into account different parts of university life, like course load planning and financial planning, and understanding how your choices will affect your student experience at SFU and your professional career after you graduate. So instead of asking how long (or how quickly) it’ll take to complete your undergraduate degree, start thinking about how and when you’ll reach your personal milestones along the way.

With the right resources and supports from SFU, you'll be able to reach those milestones on your own terms!

Course Loads

Learn and understand how choosing your course load each term is essential to academic planning. Go

Resources & Supports

Connect with the right Advisor and discover resources for your degree academic needs. Go

Plan your courses towards degree completion

Find information and resources to guide you in exploring your different options, managing your degree expectations and making informed decisions towards successfully completing your degree, whether you’re on your first or fourth (or even fifth or sixth) year!

Course Loads

Learn and understand how choosing your course load each term is essential to academic planning.


Resources & Supports

Connect with the right Advisor and discover resources for your academic planning needs.


Course Loads & Degree Completion

Getting into the habit of mindfully planning your course load each term will go a long way towards successful degree completion. The key to managing your course load is to be prepared, flexible and realistic!

Read through the sections on the right to learn what a course load is and understand:

  • What different course loads can mean for you
  • All the different factors to consider to help decide your term or year
  • Your financial situation, and times when SFU can help fund your tuition
  • Learning opportunities to complete your degree

Resources & Support For Academic Planning

SFU provides resources and support throughout your undergraduate studies to guide you towards successful degree completion. Success is different for everyone—how you define your academic success will be up to you! Here’s how you can learn to manage your course load, empower your decisions around academic planning, and enrich your student experience and beyond.

Academic Advising

If you’re a new or undeclared student, ask specific questions that will support you in academic planning and completion. An Academic Advisor can help you:

  • Plan your path towards your degree and map out program requirements.
  • Plan your next steps if you're facing academic difficulty at any point.

Speak with an Academic Advisor

Career Advising

No matter where you are on your undergraduate journey, it’s never too late (or too early) to meet with a Career Advisor to discuss and plan your path towards your degree and what comes after you graduate.

If you plan on doing Co-Op, reach out to discuss how it can affect your course load and the time it takes for degree completion.

Speak with a Career Advisor

International Student Advising

Your enrolment at SFU affects your eligibility to work, study and stay in Canada. Your study permit ultimately depends on reasonable and timely progress towards completing your degree.

Learn about your specific enrolment requirements and discuss them with an International Student Advisor, Immigration Specialist.

Speak with an International Student Advisor

Financial Planning

This involves some of the most important decisions students have to make. Tuition, fees and life expenses can quickly add up, which may influence your decisions on your course load for a given term or school year.

There are many options for financial aid, supports and opportunities to help you fund the cost of your degree; you just have to know where to look!

Visit the Financial Planning page

Scholarship & Award Eligibility

Hundreds of scholarships and awards are given to Canadian and international students each year at SFU. There may be eligibility requirements based on course load in the term of application, as well as other things to consider.

A Financial Aid and Awards Advisor can inform you about the minimum course loads to be eligible for undergraduate scholarships and awards.

Speak with a Financial Aid and Awards Advisor


Student-athletes need to meet strict eligibility requirements to practice, compete and represent SFU in intercollegiate athletic competitions.

Speak with an NCAA Academic Advisor to discuss the minimum course load requirement each term, maximum number of terms of participation, and other essential steps toward degree completion.

Speak with an NCAA Academic Advisor

Other Services to Help with Academic Planning

Once you’ve reached out to an Academic or Career Advisor and given financial planning a thoughtful read above, try looking into these additional supports to supplement your academic planning:

Health & Counselling

Balancing your personal life with your workload and studies may feel overwhelming at times in your educational journey. Visit Health & Counselling to make connections at workshops and events, seek forms of support and explore immersive resources for your mental health and wellbeing.

Learn more

Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)

CAL advocates educational equity and diversity by providing disability-related services and accommodations for students at SFU. If you have a documented or suspected disability, visit the Centre to find support in planning your academic journey and exploring your personal educational opportunities.

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Student Learning Commons (SLC)

Find help with your academic success as you work towards degree completion! SLC has resources to help improve students' learning, academic writing, reading, and study skills. Take part in collaborative sessions and workshops that are essential for writing your assignments and preparing for exams.

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