General appeals

What are you appealing

The Senate Appeals Board hears appeals from students on matters involving the application of academic policies and requirements relating to but not limited to:

  • Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances
  • Special Circumstances for Admission/Readmission

Is your appeal for only selected courses?

The Senate Appeals Board wants to know why your circumstances impacted only some courses and not the others in a term. A clear timeline of events is helpful for the Board to determine your special circumstances, including dates.

Appeals Not Considered by SAB

  • Any appeal with no new evidence to support the appeal
  • Dissatisfaction with University Policy
  • Failure to meet published deadlines 
  • Grades. (Reviewed by Instructor, Department Chair or Dean as per policy T20.01)
  • Tution and fees refunds.
  • Academic penalties. (Reviewed by Senate Committee on University Disciplanary Appeals)
  • Entry to limited enrolment program or a Faculty. (See Department Chair or Dean)
  • Special accommodations for documented disabiling condition. See the Centre for Accessible Learning.

SAB terms of reference

Review Senate Appeals Board Terms of reference 

Timeline and procedure

Appeals must be filed with the secretary within 3 weeks of receipt of the denied decision. To open an appeal, email a completed application form. Indicate that you require time to obtain new supporting documentation.

Please contact the Secretary at if there is a delay.

  • All appeals are heard on a first come first serve basis. 
  • All appeals for admission/re-admission are reviewed for special circumstances by University Admissions prior to going forward to the Board.
  • Appeal meetings are held monthly. 
  • If you've missed the month's deadlines, you may submit your aoppliction to the following month.
  • All appeals are reviewed by the Secretary to the Senate Appeals Board prior to the meeting date. Due to high volume and the complexity of appeals, your appeal may not go forward to the Board at their next available meeting date. The Secretary will confirm the status of your appeal.

Students registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning

  • Students registered with the CAL can anticipate a delay in the review of their appeal as further consultation with the CAL for their advice and expertise will be required.
  • The Senate Appeals Board does not consider appeals related directly to formal accommodations for disabling conditions. Please contact the Centre for Accessible Learning.

Next tentatively scheduled meeting:
Monday, July 29, 2024

Application due date: 
Friday, July 19, 2024 at 12:00 pm.

If you've missed this month's deadline, you may submit your application for the following month. 

How to submit your appeals package

Before submitting an appeal

Students should first seek out the advice of the University Ombudsperson prior to submitting an appeal. Please contact the Univsersity Ombudsperson for an appointment.  

Appeals package

Your completed appeal package must include the following:

  1. Senate Appeals Non-Disciplinary Appeal Application Form
  2. A short letter addressing the reasons you were denied (2 pages or less).
  3. New documentation to support your appeal. Please refer to the Supporting Documentation section.
  4. Email your appeal package to

Please do not submit any documentation from your original WE application package.

Supporting documentation

Appeals will be considered if new information or documentation not originally presented is provided


documented evidence to support the following:

  • a decision under appeal was made without jurisdiction;
  • a fundamental procedural error
  • inconsistent application of the relevant regulations

Next tentatively scheduled meeting:
Monday, July 29, 2024

Application due date: 
Friday, July 19, 2024 at 12:00 pm.

If you've missed this month's deadline, you may submit your application for the following month. 

After you submit

Cases will be assessed based on: 

  • Evidence submitted, both written and oral.
  • Your academic record. (the Board may request further information from the instructor).
  • Probable actions of a hypothetical "reasonable person" who might encounter circumstances similar to those encountered by you.


The Senate Appeals Board will review the written submission to determine if you have

  1. grounds for an appeal and
  2. If you have evidence to support your appeal.

The Board will then:

  1. Make a decision based on the documentation provided
  2. Table your appeal and ask for more information, or
  3. May ask you to appear at an in-person hearing.

In person meetings

In exceptional cases, students may be asked to appear if the Board needs more information to make a decision on your appeal. The Secretary will contact you to book the date and time. Questions will be posed by the members of the Board and you will be provided with an opportunity to clarify your situation. You have the right to bring a support person with you.


Please contact the Secretary of the Senate Appeals Board at