Well-being plan

As students, your well-being is about balancing academic success with life circumstances, including challenges to your physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

Learn where to seek the right kind of help and guidance, and when it could be most beneficial for you to reach out for support. Use the resources below to prioritize your well-being, empower yourself when facing challenges, make positive connections across the SFU community, and find your sense of purpose as you pursue your degree.

Well-being is your journey, not the destination—use this as your starting point!

Be proactive with your well-being

Discover preventive resources and community-based support to nurture your well-being. Join student clubs, find safe spaces for yourself, seek expert advice, keep active, and more!



Student Support App (MySSP)

A service that provides 24/7 mental health and well-being support for SFU students. Get real-time access to clinical counsellors, access to a digital library on related topics, and more.



Support your well-being now

Get support for more immediate concerns about your physical and mental health, safety, and well-being. Seek medical attention, counselling, advising for student needs, and more.


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Be proactive with your well-being

Discover preventive resources and community-based support to nurture your well-being. Join student clubs, find safer spaces for yourself, seek expert advice, keep active, and more.


Student Support App (My SSP)

A service that provides 24/7 mental health and well-being support for SFU students. Get real-time access to clinical counsellors, access to a digital library on related topics, and more.


Support your well-being now

Get support for more immediate concerns about your physical and mental health, safety, and well-being. Seek medical attention, counselling, advising for student needs, and more.


79% of students who used SFU's health & well-being programs were satisfied

We surveyed undergraduates about their student experience at SFU in late 2022. Over 6,200 students completed the survey, which also addressed physical and mental health support programs available to the community.


Your well-being needs can evolve during your time at SFU, so try to identify support outlets before you need them. Be mindful of your well-being by making proactive and preventive choices.

Be proactive about your well-being

Services and resources

Managing various aspects of student life all at once can affect your well-being. Think about what you can incorporate into your day-to-day that speaks to your personal needs, whether they're based on your identity, lifestyle, finances, or academic goals. 

Identity-based support

Find resources that address your identity—race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or neurodivergence, spirituality, and others, including resources for international students.

Learn more

Accessibility support

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) supports educational equity for students with documented or suspected disabilities. Learn how SFU can accommodate your accessibility needs.

Learn more

Food security and support

Several food-based initiatives exist on and off campus to help provide students with low-barrier and non-judgmental access to food and proper nutrition, so you're able to meet your basic dietary needs.

Learn more

Financial planning and support

Everyone's financial situation is different. Maximize the financial aid supports and income opportunities available to SFU students, and work out your personal budget each term by using our calculator.

Learn more

Academic planning and support

Managing your own expectations can help ease the pressure on your academic performance. Learn how to align your course load each term with your capacity, as you plan towards your degree.

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Student Learning Commons (SLC)

Visit this collaborative peer-learning space to get support on academic writing and assignments, learning and study strategies, and more, plus join helpful workshops and English conversation groups.

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Be proactive about your well-being

Student communities

Being connected to the SFU community is an essential part of the university student experience. Make connections with your peers through common interests, discover safer places on campus, and find social support for your well-being through community units outside of class.

Student clubs

There are 100s of clubs you can join at SFU that focus on academics, arts and culture, social justice and charitable causes, sports, pop culture, hobbies, and more. Meet and socialize with other members who share common interests, values, and beliefs.

Join some clubs

Women's Centre

A pro-feminist and sex-positive educational space for students, regardless of your orientation or identity. Find peer support and crisis referrals, safer sex and women's supplies, food support, access to feminist literature, and more.

Visit Women's Centre

Out on Campus

An inclusive, nonjudgmental space where LGBTQIA2S+ students and allies can freely express their sexual and gender identities. Find peer support, crisis referrals, safer sex and sanitary supplies, socio-cultural and educational programs, and more.

Visit Out on Campus

Global Student Centre (GSC)

A diverse network for people to establish intercultural connections and share their international experiences with one another, with the aim of fostering an inclusive global community on campus. Join in on social events hosted by the GSC!

Visit GSC

Indigenous Student Centre (ISC)

A welcoming and supportive community where all students who identify as Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) can find academic and wellness support, cultural connections, peer mentorship, counselling, and guidance from Elders.

Visit ISC

Multifaith Centre

A shared community environment where you can express and practice your beliefs, and learn about other faiths. Seek support for your spiritual well-being through events, activities, discussion groups, interfaith dialogues, and more.

Visit Multifaith Centre

Be proactive about your well-being

Advising for SFU students

As a university student, it's not uncommon to correlate your well-being with progress towards degree completion. Whether it's academic success, career exploration, financial aid, or other concerns, various advisors at SFU can help provide you with guidance for your student needs. 

Academic advising

An Academic Advisor can help you map out your path towards your degree and consider your program requirements along the way. You can also discuss the next steps if you're facing academic difficulty at any point.

Meet with an academic advisor

Faculty and departmental advising

If you've already declared your major and have over 60 units, the appropriate Departmental Advisor will be able to discuss specific faculty and program requirements for your graduation in detail.

Find your departmental advisor

Career advising

Reach out to a Career Advisor at any time and get support planning your career path after graduation. Discuss which actions to take during your studies, such as co-op or on-campus work opportunities.

Meet with a career advisor

Financial aid and awards advising

A Financial Aid and Awards Advisor can help educate you about SFU-based scholarships, awards, bursaries, and other funding opportunities you're eligible for, as well as government-issued financial assistance.

Meet with a financial aid & awards advisor

International student advising

An International Student Advisor, Immigration Specialist can help with concerns about your eligibility to study, work, and stay in Canada, or topics like your medical insurance, Social Insurance Number (SIN), and more.

Meet with an international student advisor

Indigenous student advising

The Indigenous Student Centre offers various resources for Indigenous students to support your academic success, including academic advising if you're undeclared and have fewer than 60 units.

Meet with an Indigenous student advisor

Be proactive about your well-being

Fitness and recreation

Well-being encompasses your body as much as it does your mind, and is something you actively look after over time, through a series of healthy habits. SFU Rec makes it accessible for students of all fitness and skill levels to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on campus.

Recreational programs and classes

Sign up to a variety of fun and inclusive instructional programs like group fitness, yoga, dance, martial arts, and more. Students can try something new for free before committing during Trial Week, which is held every start of term.

Drop-ins, intramurals, and clubs

Drop-ins offer a casual environment for players of all abilities, while intramurals allow you to play organized sports in recreational or competitive leagues. Join a sport or cheerleading club and meet and play with others over a shared interest.

Facilities on campus

Keep active at our on-campus facilities, including a 12,000 sq ft fitness centre, indoor gyms and courts, outdoor playing fields, fitness studio, stadium, aquatics centre and climbing wall (undergoing renovation until 2025), and more.

Student Support (My SSP)

Get 24/7 access to Student Support

Student Support (My SSP) is a free service for SFU students that supports your overall mental health and well-being throughout your studies, whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, regardless of timezone.
  • Private and confidential support from professional counsellors:
    • Call or chat with an available counsellor in real-time for more immediate support.
    • Schedule multiple sessions with the same counsellor ahead of time to work through more complex, ongoing concerns.
  • Support is available in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin).
  • Access to an extensive library of health and well-being content for proactive, self-guided support.
  • Create a user profile so Student Support can offer you customized support based on your identity, community, unique needs.
    • For scheduled sessions, you may request to match with a compatible professional with specific lived experiences (e.g a counsellor who understands your culture or religion).
  • Once you're connected on Student Support, a representative will collect information like your name, institution, reason for seeking support, and connect you with a professional. Your personal information is not shared with SFU.

Did you know?

You can use Student Support if your well-being is impacted by:

Balancing your personal, work, and academic priorities

Adjusting to a new environment or culture, or are feeling homesick

Stress or anxiety related to your studies or uncertainty about plans after graduation

Relationship conflicts with family, friends, and others

Isolation, loneliness, or other concerns impacting you—just reach out!

Support your well-being now

Health & Counselling support

Health & Counselling services are available to all SFU students. Our team of professionals and care providers serve students at all campuses with appointments and programs running in-person, virtually, or by phone. Various options exist to support your well-being, including one-to-one, group, and self-guided resources.

Urgent support

It's normal and okay to feel overwhelmed. If you are in crisis and need to talk to someone now, learn about your options.

Talk to someone now

Medical Services

Doctors and nurses are available by appointment in-person or by phone/virtually, for medical concerns including new symptoms, sexual health, vaccines and travel, referrals, mental health and well-being support, and more.

Visit medical services

Counselling services

Confidential counselling, safety planning, and crisis support are provided for students by a team of mental health professionals, including registered clinical counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and mental health nurses.

Visit Counselling Services

Did you know?

You can be your own guide on your well-being journey and go at your own pace! Dive into a library of online courses, seminars, videos, audio recordings, recommended apps, and more, whenever you're in need of support.

Visit self-guided resources

International student support

Find support for the challenges that come with living in a new country as an international student, by speaking one-on-one with a transition case manager or by connecting with other international students in a dynamic group setting.

Find support for international students

Indigenous counselling services

Indigenous clinical counsellors are available for one-on-one appointments through the Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) to support you. You can also join other students in the ISC Wellness Program for shared resources to support your well-being.

Visit Indigenous Counselling Services

Support your well-being now

Safety at SFU

We do our best to ensure safer and more secure campuses for all members of the SFU community, especially students. Maintaining a comfortable learning environment on campus is important to the well-being of students.

Public safety and security for students on campus

Stay and feel safer on campus through programs like Safe Walk, where you can request a security escort to your destination 24/7, and other programs and support services.

Learn more about campus public safety

Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO)

Get confidential support if you've been impacted by sexual violence, assault, or harassment, regardless of when or where it occurred. Open to all gender identities and orientations.


Student Support, Rights & Responsibilities (SSRR)

As a member of the SFU community, you're entitled to learning, studying, and working in an environment that is civil, respectful, and protective of your personal rights, dignity, and well-being.

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities