Credential completion letter

A Credential Completion Letter is a letter confirming the successful completion of all academic requirements for your program.

If you have applied and are eligible to graduate (have met all graduation requirements), and require confirmation that you have completed your studies, you can request your Credential Completion Letter via goSFU.

You can generate this letter once your application has been approved, and until your credential has been awarded and you have received your Senate letter. Your Senate Letter will be emailed to your SFU email address.

How to generate your Credential Completion Letter

  • Log into goSFU
  • In the dropdown, select Credential Completion Letter

The letter is produced as a PDF file and sent to your SFU email address.


What information is included in the Credential Completion Letter?

  • Date
  • Family and Given Name
  • School name
  • School telephone number
  • School fax number
  • School website
  • Credential Completed
  • Anticipated date credential will be awarded
  • Anticipated convocation ceremony

Is this letter an official document?

Yes, the Credential Completion Letter that you download yourself is an official SFU document.  The letter has embedded security features that will allow verification of the authenticity of the document.

I am having difficulty viewing the PDF; what can I do?

Most likely, you have an issue with your web browser or with a pop-up blocker.  For a list of supported browsers please go to:

For information on disabling a pop-up blocker please see:

If after trying these solutions you are still having difficulty, please call our help line (778.782.6930).

I don't see the letter in the dropdown menu, what does that mean?

There may be a few reasons for the letter to not appear as an option:

  • Your certificate, diploma, and/degree has been awarded by Senate, and you have received your Senate Letter
  • Your grades have not been submitted
  • You have not met all graduation requirements
    • Please contact your Faculty and/Department advisor