U-Pass BC

During March 2013, SFU students voted in a Student Society referendum in favour of continuing the U-Pass BC Program. As a result, the U-Pass BC fee for each term will be the following:

  • 2013 Summer, 2013 Fall, 2014 Spring - $140
  • 2014 Summer, 2014 Fall, 2015 Spring - $147
  • 2015 Summer, 2015 Fall, 2016 Spring - $152

If you are enrolled in 2015 Summer courses and meet the requirements to be eligible for the U-Pass BC program, then the U-Pass BC term fee of $152 will be assessed to your SFU financial account.

SFU is participating in Wave 2 of the Initial Release of the U-PASS BC on the COMPASS CARD!

This April, select U-Pass BC students will have the chance to ride the next “wave” of U-Pass BC on Compass Card.

The Compass Card roll-out to U-Pass BC students is taking place in three waves. With Wave 1 now complete, students in Wave 2 will say good-bye to the monthly paper U-Pass BC cards and hello to a Compass Card.

On February 27, emails were sent to SFU students who are currently eligible for the U-Pass BC program inviting them to sign up to participate in Wave 2. We received a positive uptake and have already reached our goal of 200 students to participate in Wave 2. If you have volunteered by completing the survey and have been selected to participate in Wave 2 at SFU, you will be contacted by the SFU U-Pass BC office by March 13 with information about where and when to pick up your Initial Release Compass Card. You will also receive instructions on how to load your U-Pass BC onto your Compass Card.

Wave 2 U-Pass BC students will begin to use their Compass Cards on April 1.

Your Compass Card will look and be used like a regular Compass Card; the only difference is that it will be marked “Initial Release – No Deposit”. During the Initial Release period for the U-Pass BC program (January to September 2015), the $6 deposit for your Compass Card will be waived. But remember to hold onto your Compass Card because you will need it for your next month's U-Pass BC. Also, you will be able to use it when you are no longer a U-Pass BC student as you will be able to load other fare products onto your Initial Release Compass Card when Compass purchasing channels open later this year to the public

For SFU students who are not part of Wave 2 of the Compass Card rollout, you will continue to swipe your SFU student ID at the kiosks for your monthly U-Pass BC cards. Once we have confirmation of when all SFU students will be using the Compass Card, we will communicate the date to students. By September 2015, TransLink anticipates that all 130,000 eligible U-Pass BC students will have received their Compass Cards.

If you have questions about U-Pass BC program, please contact the SFU U-Pass BC office at upass@sfu.ca or 778-782-6930. To learn more about Compass, visit translink.ca/compasscard and askcompass.ca.

UPass BC

Pick up your monthly card at the kiosks

2015 Spring

March Feb 23 - Mar 20
April Mar 23 - Apr 20

2015 Summer

May Apr 21 - May 20
June May 21 - Jun 19
July Jun 22 - Jul 20
August Jul 21 - Aug 20



Contact: upass@sfu.ca