Tourism Research Links

Backcountry Recreation Management in Protected Areas

[Prepared by Jeff Juthans, REM Graduate Student]

Gateway Sites

  1. Wilderness on the World Wide Web
    This site is an extensive gateway site that offers many international links that relate to wilderness. The primary categories include: wilderness concepts, areas, management, policy, education and advocacy.
  2. Natural Resources Research Information Pages
    This gateway site offers comprehensive sections of web links on outdoor recreation research and another on related resource links. The site also offers general literature references, on-line resources, archives/databases, and related web sites of environmental NGO's, academic programs and periodicals.

Other Links

  1. The National Park Services web site provides a wealth of National Park Service information. The Planing Projects Library section of ParkNet contains completed planning projects. The Natural Resource Publications section of the website contains a list of publications from the NPS Technical Information Center.
  2. The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute: Publications List has an extensive publications list pertaining to wilderness management related topics. The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute provides a list of publications that relate to backcountry visitor management in protected areas.
  3. The U.S.D.A. Forest Service: Resource Valuation and Use Research web site lists ongoing (Forest Service supported) outdoor recreation, cultural heritage, social science and wilderness research projects. Research projects are summarized and contact names and numbers are given.
  4. The web site of the Canadian Heritage - Parks Canada Library offers information relating to the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) planning model and its application to two wildernesses type national parks.