Tourism Research Links


Gateway Sites

  1. Ecosource. This page: has multiple links to related sites on tourism and environmental issues. International Society for Ecotourism Management.
  2. Ecotourism Information Centre - Included in this site: is a list of related research links; generally, a very useful jumping off point for ecotourism research.
  3. Exploring Ecotourism "Exploring Tourism " archives the quarterly journal Planeta Platica which focuses on environmental tourism and news from Latin America. The site also provides environmental travel contacts, gives general background information on ecotourism, addresses specific ecotourism issues in Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and Equator and provides bibliography on ecotourism literature.
  4. This gateway site:
    connects to the Mining Co. Ecotourism home page. The Ecotourism GuideSite is an excellent gateway to find information on ecotourism projects worldwide. It provides valuable research-related sources of information.
  5. Big Volcano Ecotourism Resource Centre gateway site - - provides links to many topics on ecotourism. Users have access to a range of resources from articles to conferences, organizations, and success stories.

Other Links

  1. The site: is well researched, navigable, and seems to be very credible. In addition, several relevant links are included in the page.
  2. Exploring Ecotourism web site - - presents a diversity of issues and information devoted to the application of environmental travel and ecotourism. A calendar of events, recommended books and bibliographies, and country-specific directories are posted.