Tourism Research Links


Gateway Sites

  1. Internet resources for outdoor recreation research:

    This site is an excellent website and gateway to resources on information on parks and tourism. The site is divided into research topics and also includes a resource list with useful links. Research topics include outdoor recreation planning and management, recreational issues on public lands, nature tourism, socio-psychological and ecological aspects of outdoor recreation and visitor education and communication.
  2. National Recreation and Parks Association:
    The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is a American, non-profit service organization dedicated to "advancing parks, recreation and environmental efforts that enhance the quality of life for all people". The NRPA strives to promote public awareness of the environmental and natural resource management aspects of recreation and leisure services. Under the main menu, a listing of related web pages provides links to leisure, recreation, tourism and park sites.
  3. The Geo Link Library web site: contains a comprehensive listing of web sites covering environmental issues, community economic development, forestry and land management, parks, urban sprawl, transportation, and planning. The section pertaining to parks provides an extensive list of institutions and organizations involved with the management, planning, and protection of national parks.
  4. This gateway site: connects to the National Parks Worldwide web site. This site provides links to web pages on national parks located in more than 70 countries around the world.

Other Links

  1. National Parks Service: The US National Parks Service site provides information on "links to the past" including information on archeology, civil war, heritage tourism, historic places, landscapes, museums and maritime information.
  2. Canadian Parks and Recreation Association: The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association's website contains information on the activities of the "collective voice for recreation and parks in Canada". The organization is the only national link between Canadian communities in the leisure field.
  3. Parks Canada: This site is useful for information on the Canadian National Parks System.
  4. The Statistics Canada web site - - is a very powerful and useful tool to access current statistics, research articles, and references. It also provides links to statistical databases hosted by provincial governments and other national governments.