Tourism Research Links

Wildlife Viewing Tourism

[Prepared by Kim Smith, REM Graduate Student]

Gateway Sites

  1. This first gateway site: is the home page of WhaleNet, a part of EnviroNet, an interdisciplinary program that aims to enhance science education and environmental awareness. This site is of particular interest to those interested in marine wildlife viewing.
  2. The second gateway site: The Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association provides useful links to other wildlife and ecotourism related websites such as:the World Travel and Tourism Council and the Ecotourism Society. This site also provides the Proceedings of the 1998 Ecotourism in Alaska Conference at Alaska Pacific University.
  3. The third gateway site: The Natural Resources Research Information Pages is designed as an Internet resource guide for natural resource students, researchers and practitioners.

Other Links

  1. The High North Alliance is a Norwegian organization that has an interest in protecting the rights of whalers, sealers and fisherman who harvest renewable resources in accordance with the principles of sustainable management. The site provides a library of articles on ethics, whale behaviour and whale/seal watching.
  2. This web site: provides background and statistical information on global whale-watching and links to whale-watching sites from many countries around the world.
  3. Eco Travel in Latin America is a website created as an outgrowth of the quarterly newsletter El Planeta Platica/The Earth Speaks. This website archives information about environmental issues and travel in the Americas and focuses on promoting ecotourism. Information on this website includes ecotourism polls and surveys, conferences and congresses, and many articles.