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Gateway Sites

  1. Go to:; 1. THE FISHING NETWORK WEB ZINE at: www. Go into ARCHIVES, two specifically interesting articles are: January 1996, Vol 1, No. 4 Article: Ontario Fish Management Plan, put online by the Ontario Federation of Fishers and Anglers- timely legislative initiatives for the industry March 1996, Vol 1, No. 6 Article: Becoming an Outdoors Woman- excellent discussion about women's role in sports fishing and how this is changing.
  2. Go to: fishing page icon at: OL' PAWS FISHING PAGE the first springboard for the most extensive fishery information on the web-provides useful regional fishing information by country and state. 1. Go to Canada- ANGLERS NET at; fishing reports from all over BC, not commercial and very detailed. 2. Go to WOMEN'S FISHING Partnership at: resources to look at the gender issues in Sports Fishing.
  3. One particularly useful site is the PACIFIC FISHERIES ENVIRONEMENTAL GROUP