Tourism Research Links

Wine Tourism

[Prepared by Theresa Fortin, SFU Business Graduate Student]

Gateway Sites

  1. This first gateway site: connects to the University of California at Davis, Department of Viticulture and Enology Cooperative Extension. It is an excellent gateway site providing an extensive list of links to wine academia, scientific journals in viticulture and enology, and wine search engines.
  2. This web site: leads to the "Wines Beer and Spirits of the Net". It provides a monthly updated list of Usenet/Netnews groups, and a very long list of URLs sorted by type of reference material and country.
  3. Developed for the Wine Business Education program of the School of Business & Economics of Sonoma State University, this gateway site: contains links to several education and research centres on wine marketing and viticulture management.

Other Links

  1. From the Bureau of Tourism Research (Australia) releases web page - -, one can order the proceedings from the First Australian Wine Tourism Conference, held at Margaret River in 1998.
  2. The Sonoma County Wine Library web site: gives access to the library catalog via Telnet. The library contains many references on wine tourism.
  3. This web site: connects to The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal home page. The journal archives contain many relevant articles on wine tourism, easily retrieved by entering "tourism" in the search box.
  4. The Farm Practices in BC: Reference Guide web page - - can be accessed from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food - BC web site. It provides a listing and linkages in the reference section to information that outlines grape production and winery practices, including information on direct marketing.
  5. This web site: connects to the National Wine and Grape Industry Center, located at Charles Sturt University in Australia. The combination of wine partners produces a Center capable of serving the Australian wine industry through research, teaching, training and information exchange.