Tourism Research Links


[Prepared by Liz Watchhorn, UBC Graduate Student]

Gateway Sites

  1. ICLEI was established in 1990, in a partnership with UNEP, International Union of Local Authorities (IULA), and the Center for Innovative Diplomacy (CID). This site: provides a great deal of useful information for sustainability initiatives in general and indicator development in particular.

Other Links

  1. In addition to being a top gateway site, this ICLEI site: also qualifies as a top web site. ICLEI accesses information on local sustainability projects, best practices, policy and practices publications and a project summary series which includes case studies from around the world.
  2. This site: can be accessed through the ICLEI gateway (as well as numerous others) or directly by its URL. This site includes a useful set of information on: everything you always wanted to know about indicators; indicators by category and "what is sustainability, anyway?"
  3. This site: wasn't referenced by any of the Gateway Sites noted above so is best accessed by its URL. This site is maintained to assist US "grass roots" sustainability projects to communicate the details of their sustainability initiatives to each other.