Tourism Research Links

Community Tourism Planning

[Prepared by Ann Murphy, UBC Graduate Student]

Gateway Sites

  1. This site Cyburbia - Internet Resources for the Built Environment contains a comprehensive list of nearly 7000 links relevant to urban and regional planning, architecture and the built environment and is updated on a daily basis with reindexing of the search engine conducted once a month.
  2. The University of Northern B.C.'s British Columbia Resource Communities Project Home Page is designed to help individuals, communities and companies to access information necessary for community resource decision-making and community development. This site serves as a gateway to websites and email addresses in the areas of community and sustainability, citizen participation in resource management, and BC models of community participation.
  3. The final gateway site is The Community Economic Development Centre (CEDC) at Simon Fraser University The CEDC conducts research on changes, trends and opportunities in community economic development. This site provides information on new initiatives, books published, information about the centre, as well as links to sites that provide on-line articles relating to CED. The CEDC site also contains a large abstract database of CED initiatives.  

Other Links

  1. The W. K. Kellogg Collection of Rural Community Development Resources web site serves as a repository of high quality rural community development materials The resource collection is divided into seven categories including community development, strategic planning and economic development with each annotation describing the materials' audience, purpose, content, format and availability.
  2. The web site of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications: Technology Research Group contains full documents of the groups research activities with articles on the application of Internet technology to rural communities, the role of the web in connecting a community, and strategies for developing a community network.
  3. The web site of the Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development includes on-line manuals, workbooks, success stories, model codes and ordinances for making a community a better place to live. The Land Use Planning section of the site include papers, articles and resources on building sustainable community tourism developments.