Tourism Research Links

Tourism Training

[Prepared by Angie Gerst, REM Graduate Student]

Gateway Sites

  1. The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) is a national non-profit organization which "promotes and enhances professionalism in the Canadian Tourism Industry through industry standards, training and Professional Certification. Its web site - - leads to several human resource organizations as well as a wealth of information on training resources and programs,
  2. From the "Strategis" web site - -, it is possible to search for information through a search box or by using the link "Employment and Learning Resources".
  3. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) web site - - gives access to the World Travel and Tourism Human Resources Centre (WTTHRC). The WTTHRC site provides up-to-date, relevant and comprehensive information about the organization's very active role in tourism training and education research.

Other Links

  1. The mission of Human Resource Development Canada (HRDC) is to "enable Canadians to participate fully in the workplace and the community". Its web site - - provides information on career and personal development.