MECS Catering Update

February 20, 2020

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of delicious new and updated catering options provided through growing partnerships with local companies and social enterprises on the Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey campuses available through Meeting, Events, and Conference Services.


The Lazy Gourmet

With a focus on quality, sustainability, and community along with years of experience serving SFU Vancouver, The Lazy Gourmet is proud to roll out an updated menu available across all buildings on the Vancouver campus. 

For Lazy Gourmet Catering, click here


H.A.V.E., which stands for or ‘Hope, Action, Values, Ethics,’ is a culinary training school that provides food service job training and work opportunities to individuals in Vancouver who experience barriers to employment. A registered charity since 2007, H.A.V.E.’s 8-week culinary training program empowers disadvantaged individuals from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and surrounding communities to achieve self-sufficiency through life skills, job training, and employment in the foodservice industry.

Their hands-on working classroom prepares fresh, affordable, and socially conscious catering while allowing students to gain proficiency and confidence in the kitchen while learning about nutritional guidelines, safe food practices, and meal planning.

For H.A.V.E. Catering, click here.


The Fresh Fork

SFU Dining Services has long been the Burnaby Campus’ trusted caterer for every event but with the addition of new catering providers to campus, SFU Dining Services catering is now operating under the name The Fresh Fork.

With this renewed identity also comes a freshly updated menu featuring a list of new and renewed offerings that all have taste, freshness, and sustainability in mind.

For The Fresh Fork Catering, click here.

Blank Canvas Catering

Blank Canvas Catering is a new provider on Burnaby campus hosting its services through The Study Public House - a part of the JRG Group of companies.
In working with Blank Canvas Catering, MECS is able to bring a whole new menu of flavours to your event that has been developed by their world-class culinary team featuring sustainable, seasonal and local products.

For Blank Canvas Catering, click here.

All Campuses


Tayybeh--the Arabic word for “kind” and “delicious”-- is a social enterprise and specialty food company that is proudly an all-female run operation. Tayybeh employs remarkable newcomer Syrian chefs that bring a diverse, rich and extensive menu featuring their most popular and delicious dishes to our MECS catering offerings at all SFU campuses in Greater Vancouver.

For Tayybeh Catering in Vancouver, click here.
For Tayybeh Catering in Burnaby, click here.
For Tayybeh Catering in Surrey, click here.