1. Sud. s. v.: Σιβύρτιος, Θεοδέκτου τοῦ Φασηλίτου ἀναγνώστης καὶ οἰκέτης, ὃς ἐρρητόρευσεν οἰκετῶν πρῶτος. ἔγραψε τέχνας ῥητορικάς.

Utrum patris an filii, non liquet.


XXXVIII. Sibyrtius

          1. Suda s.v.: Sibyrtius, reader[1] and servant of Theodectes of Phaselis [2], the first slave ever to be a rhetorician. He wrote rhetorical treatises.

[1] In wealthy households there was often a slave whose specific task was to read books out aloud for his or her master.

[2] Whether father or son is unclear.