Getting Started with Crowdmark

What is Crowdmark?

Crowdmark is an online collaborative grading platform. It is able to streamline the grading process between multiple graders such as TAs/Tms as well as other grading related tasks. Crowdmark is also integrated with Canvas which makes the grading process even more efficient.

Features and benefits of Crowdmark

Getting Started with Crowdmark

How do Students create their accounts?

Getting Help

Features and benefits of Crowdmark

  • Works with electronic and paper-based assessments
  • Facilitates distribution of questions to designated graders (collaborative grading)
  • Substantially reduces time spent grading
  • Automatically adds up marks and generates question- and assessment-level analytics
  • Facilitates commenting and annotations
  • Provides one-button integration with Canvas
  • Returns assessments, grades and feedback to students promptly
  • Eliminates need to store paper copies of exams

It's way less work - one faculty member's experience with crowdmark

Getting Started with Crowdmark

To try Crowdmark in your course, follow the log-in instructions below or use the blue “How can we help you?” button at the bottom of your screen to request support.

To create your crowdmark assignments: 

1. Go to 
2. Click Sign In 

 3. Choose Simon Fraser University from the list of schools 

 4. Click Sign in with Canvas 

5. Log in with your computing id and password

6. Click Authorize if you agree to the terms and conditions 

7. Enter your SFU email address and then click Next.

8. Once you have successfully logged in to Crowdmark, you will see a welcome message

You should see your Canvas courses and you can create an assessment here.

How do students create their accounts?

Please send students these instructions 

Students do not create an account at crowdmark. Students claim their account through the email they receive inviting them to complete your assessment. 

Where do I find help?

You can find documentation on how to use crowdmark with canvas here:

Who should i contact for support?

email: for problems/help with features

If it is an integration issue, contact




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