Reflecting on Truth and Reconciliation


Join faculty panelists discussing actions and resources for decolonizing teaching at SFU, in honour of TRC Day.


What is our responsibility for Truth and Reconciliation in our classrooms and courses, as Settler instructors at SFU? What have others done here to decolonize their teaching? Join SFU faculty panelists, the Centre for Educational Excellence and TILT for an opportunity to discuss how some instructors have responded to this pressing challenge in their courses and teaching. Our in-person, interdisciplinary conversation will include practical and thoughtful suggestions for intentional next steps to decolonizing your teaching, wherever you are on this journey. Curated resources and an invitation to consultation will be offered as a way to continue the conversation.

Learning outcomes

You'll have a chance to:

  • Reflect on the need to continue to actively engage in developing your own decolonial knowledge and practices and to apply those responsibly in your teaching practice
  • Identify an appropriate next step for your personal journey towards reconciliation, as it applies to your teaching context 
  • Identify institutional resources to support your journey and meet you where you are in this process, to keep you moving forward  

Facilitated by Fiona Shaw

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Faculty, instructors, graduate students, teaching assistants and international teaching assistants

Date and Time

Typically 90 minutes in length

Typically offered in September.


In-person at SFU Burnaby

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