How do I add students to a Turnitin Class?

  •  Do not upload your roster of students directly to the Turnitin system. While technically it is possible to do yourself, compliance with B.C. privacy law prohibits instructors from directly entering student information on a system that stores and provides access to personal information outside Canada. Instead, direct yours students to register with Turnitin on their own.
  • Supply students with the class id and enrollment key you created as the course instructor, without publishing this information in a public manner (e.g., it is okay to put the information in a Canvas course or other restricted site requiring CAS login, but not on the open internet). Public exposure of the class id and enrollment key contravenes SFU’s agreement with Turnitin. Note if you have a master class, each section will have its own class id and section enrollment key. 
  • Students can create an account once you supply them with the class id and enrollment key here:

Anonymous option for students

Students have the option of using a pseudo name and new email address, created specifically for use with Turnitin. Before creating your class in the Turnitin system, explain this option to your students and collect the preferred pseudo name and email address from those students who wish to exercise it. In such cases, it is the instructor’s responsibility to match up and track pseudo names with the students’ real names. For more on student privacy and Turnitin, see

For Turnitin technical assistance, e-mail or call: 1 866.816.5046 extension 3. For assistance related to instructional use of Turnitin and account information for SFU, email

See Using Turnitin for your courses (University of Waterloo) for tips on preparing your students to use Turnitin as well as using Turnitin as a plagiarism tool and learning activity.


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