How do I create a course in Turnitin?

  1. Log in to Turnitin using your instructor account and select the All Classes tab.
  2. Use the Add a Class button and fill out the resulting form to create each new class.

    Class type Standard – You are only instructor and there is just one class.
    Master – Multiple sections and the possibility of TAs marking sections.
    There are two ways to add teaching sections to a master class: you can create sections yourself, or have your teaching assistants join your master class and create their own sections. To add sections yourself, click "submit" and then press the "add section" button next to the name of this master class on your home page. If you intend to have your assistants join themselves, please enter the password they will use.
    Class name You enter your class name (e.g., BUS 101)
    Password You create an enrollment key you will subsequently give to students to enable them to enroll.
    End date Select end date for your class’s use of Turnitin. (Default start date is the day you create the class on Turnitin.)
    TA pw If you selected master for class type, you need to create a second enrollment key for use by TAs.

  3. Once submitted, a popup window will deliver the 7-character Class ID for your class. It is this Class ID, and the enrollment key you created, that you have to provide to your students. Note if you have a master class, each section will have its own class id and enrollment key.

See Turnitin Getting Started Guide: Creating classes.

See Turnitin Videos on Creating Classes, Creating Assignments and The Similarity Report


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