SFU teaching support is becoming more integrated

On July 15, 2019, SFU’s three learning and teaching support units—the Centre for English Language Learning, Teaching and Research (CELLTR), the Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) and the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC)—officially merged to form the Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE). The integration of day-to-day operations will happen during Summer and Fall 2019.

Find out what this means for you at the new CEE website at www.sfu.ca/cee.

The Centre of English Language Learning, Teaching, and Research advocates for and supports EAL students in SFU's multilingual and multicultural environment at the curricular and co-curricular levels across the university.  The Centre also partners with faculties and support units to coordinate existing and future EAL supports, and conceptualizes and delivers instructional and professional development to faculty, staff, instructors, and TAs  in the area of best practices in academic language and literacy development, and sociocultural engagement. We value inclusion, student success, and a positive student experience that recognizes students' diverse backgrounds and unique academic and linguistic needs.