Speaker Series

This year, CELLTR presents a speaker series focusing on multilingual learner issues and research relevant to faculty, staff, and students across the university.

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Faculty Development Workshop Series on EAL Issues

The number of international students at SFU has grown significantly, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Moreover, increasing migration means that greater numbers of students for whom English is an additional language have been entering the institution from local secondary schools and colleges. These changes have both enriched the diversity of the university context and created new teaching and learning needs.  This workshop series explores related issues, and addresses practical strategies for meeting multilingual students’ needs in instruction, assessment and evaluation.

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Language U Podcast

Language U is a podcast about language, literacy, multilingualism, and related issues in higher education.  It aims to be accessible to a wide range of scholars, teachers, and professionals whose work involves the intersection of language and higher education. This includes people working in the fields of applied linguistics, language teaching, rhetoric and composition, teaching writing, writing and language support, international student services, and indeed any area of the university that involves teaching and learning with language.

Language U serves a number of purposes:

  • faculty development for university instructors, administrators, and others, both within and outside of SFU, who want to learn more about language and literacy issues in an accessible format
  • outreach to the applied linguistics and broader higher education community on behalf of CELLTR, helping to positon CELLTR as an international leader in EAL student support
  • dissemination of theory and research on language, literacy, and writing in multilingual higher education contexts, including that produced by CELLTR and by others in the field
  • service to the profession as guests share ideas and perspectives on important issues facing higher education

The podcast is hosted by Joel Heng Hartse, lecturer in the Faculty of Education and affiliated faculty member with CELLTR. It is produced and edited by Quincy Wang, CELLTR's Web and Communications Designer.

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In spring of 2018, CELLTR collaborated with the ISTLD to offer $24,000 of grant funding for faculty inquiry projects. Dr. Roumi Ilieva, Associate Professor of Education has led this initiative on behalf of CELLTR.

Four faculty members were recipients of the CELLTR-ISTLD grant with the following theme title: Inquiring into Your Multilingual Classroom: An Integrated Seminar Series and Grants Program

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