Supporting Graduate Students

September 19, 2019

At approximately, 5,000 individuals from over 100 countries, graduate students are an integral part of the SFU community. At CELLTR, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with graduate students on a number of research projects, workshops, and courses. These partnerships have given students and faculty the opportunity to expand their research and collaborate in meaningful ways. CELLTR faculty liaisons work closely with graduate students offering mentorship, tailored one-on-one support, EAL workshops, and RA and TA opportunities.

"From day one of my PhD program, CELLTR has provided me with opportunities to work on campus which have not only eased the financial burden of graduate school, but also offered relevant and valuable experience for my future professional life,” says Brent Amburgey, a second-year PhD student in Languages, Cultures, Literacies & Education. Brent has worked with CELLTR on projects like CELLTR @FAS, a course-embedded support model that assists students with academic communication and writing, and on the course design of BUS 217W (Critical thinking in Business). To view Brent’s student experience and profile visit Student Spotlight.

“Currently, I work as an RA and a TA for BUS 217W at CELLTR. By providing these opportunities, CELLTR has helped me to develop and sharpen my professional skills in addition to inspiring confidence,” explains Mohsen Hosseinpour Moghaddam, a fourth-year PhD student in Languages, Cultures, Literacies & Education.

From 2018/2019, CELLTR has allocated over $64,000 to support graduate students through TAships and RAships.


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