AEP 101 Workshop


In person workshops are not offered during the Fall 2020 semester, but you are encouraged to check  the resources provided in (AEP readings and helpful links)



The AEP 101 Workshop is currently offered for students in CMPT 120 and CMPT 128, with  variations adapted to each course.

This workshop is run especially for your class, during your course lab times, during the lecture or at other sheduled day/times, as agreed with your instructor. The AEP 101 workshop includes, among other activities, an introduction to Time Management techniques and to Learning Strategies, as applied to the course topics.

You need to attend one session only, and will get points as your instructor will explain.  If you attend the session you do NOT need to write any report. The specific  workshops schedule is posted below. There may be the  need that you pre-register, as indicated below. If any additional sessions are scheduled you will be informed via email and the information will be included here. If sessions get full it will be informed here. Register asap.

****  Alternative activity in case of conflicts: AEP report

Everyone is welcome to attend an AEP workshop session, but if you have a  schedule conflict, or if you have attended the same workshop in a previous semester, or if this is your second year of university studies or later, you may do the AEP report  INSTEAD of attending an AEP workshop session.

See guidelines and formatting details for the report following the link . You will have to submit it via your course management system, where you submit other  course assignments (e.g. Coursys , Canvas). Deadline: Friday of week #11.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the AEP  program coordinator, Diana Cukierman,

     Instructions to register (reserve a space):  Follow the indications provided by EventBrite. You need to get a "free ticket" for one session only.  The password to register is AEPCMPT120 






**** ROOMS: 


CMPT 120  Burnaby (registration IS required)  

Week #7  


WEEK #8   


* Instructions-register-eventbrite.pdf
More detailed eventbrite instructions if needed.